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Parade of Homes Highland, Utah Part 3

This is Part 3 in a series of tours we took looking at 6 FABULOSO Parade of Homes houses in Highland and Alpine, Utah this past 2 weeks. We did 3 homes a day and that is about all you can do without getting kinda overwhelmed with the beauty and decadence. I loved it though. It is a fun and fabulous Utah thang we LOVE to do!

This was my favorite thing in this house in the Parade of Homes in Highland and Alpine, Utah. It was scrawled in black paint onto this mixed media art piece framed in the couple's master bedroom. It made me think that the husband had built this beautiful dream home for his wife, and that she got to decorate it how she wanted to, and this fulfilled the hubby's fondest dream as well as hers!
 What a loving sentiment. I really liked it a lot. It made the occupants of these otherworldly beautiful homes seem more real and everyday people. Who wouldn't want to give their spouse their fondest dream? Well, I loved this dreamy living room too. The colors were awesome, the clock over the fireplace and the fabrics and rug were all so unique and creative and different. 

Once again, these cool, sliding wooden doors were in the Parade of Homes, Highland and Alpine, Utah. All 3 of the first homes we looked at had them. Some looked more like barn doors, these were pretty with wrought iron and whitewashed wood. I loved them. 

Master bathroom was done in white cabinetry and glass blocks. 

Who wouldn't love a huge closet like this off the master bathroom? Well I, for one, would!! Gimme, gimme! My clothes are in 4 closets in my house! This would save me a little time! 

This sitting room was off the front door I believe and had lots of natural light. The lemon yellow and aqua blue color scheme was so appealing. I liked how they had decorated the shelving. Very cute. 

Pretty bedroom decor in gray, silver and blue with white accents. I loved these pretty hanging lamps and the "Love you Forever" pillow. 

Another bathroom in grey and white. Oops! You can see me taking a picture of myself in the mirror. My bad. I liked these rectangle vessel sinks. I have a master bath that these would look really good in.. I am trying to decide if we should do soapstone or slate or quartz counters.  Most of these homes had quartz or Caesarstone, which is the newest and very high rated solid surface material. 
This little girl's bedroom and bathroom had lots of mermaids in the decor. I thought this would be a really cute theme.  
More of the little mermaid statues in the bathroom...keeping with the mermaid theme.....

Everybody really loved these shimmery wallpapers. Lots of the Parade of Homes houses had a room with some glossy wallpapers. They really did make the room, along with the natural wood headboard and the white pintucked bedspread. I found similar ones at Target HERE for $89.00 and one for $99 HERE at Houzz.

Loved all the white iron and cream colored accents here too. This idea of type up your thoughts and feelings and putting it into a large wooden frame in a bedroom is such a sweet and lovely idea. How wonderful of a gift would that be? Yeah. A GOOD one! 

This was a basement living room and game table in cream, yellow, coral and aqua blue. I loved these painted yellow chairs. I have lots of boring oak chairs at my cabin I should paint a bright color like this! That would be an easy update with all the spray paint colors there are. If you want to try it check my spray painting wood tutorial on my blog HERE.

Most of the modern cabinetry in kitchens and basements seemed to be white. It probably reflects more natural light and that would be great in a basement. 

I totally have to copy this somehow. I loved this little phrase! 

I loved the yellow accents in this room. 

Entry area to the fun parts of the house....the basketball court! 

This workout room was obviously made for a BYU Fan!  I loved the oscillating ceiling fans. 

Off of the workout room was another exercise area! How about having your own indoor basketball court. How fun! 

This was a "viewing area" upstairs from the basketball court. It would be a fun place to get a coke and a sandwich and chill out watching a game,  wouldn't it?  Some of the decor in these homes included framed jerseys from some of the BYU great players of the past. Maybe they were friends? 

Cute craft room also had a view of the sports court. They always have a cute way to hang the ribbon for the wrapping station. I want to see a good way to store all the wrapping papers! I just have a tall white rubbermaid bin filled with rolls of wrapping paper! That is NOT very decorative people! 

I took this picture because I loved the lanterns on the floor. These would look great in my basement! I gotta find these! 

Mud room. I loved the color of the painted back door. It was such a pretty shade!
My daughter and I loved these little blue bottles across the little drop down shelf from the ceiling in the dining room. I loved the hanging round lanterns as well. HERE  ofor $99. It is a similar metal strap globe lantern that is handmade. You could paint it your color and add an electrical kit to it.

 I have these same chairs in my dining room (the blue linen ones at the bar, only I think these were blue leather in this house). There is my grandson riding on his mom's shoulders. He was a total doll all day. And it was a rainy day! 

This Grey range hood was really pretty with all the carpentry surrounding it. This area also had a double oven and warming drawer. I'd LOVE a warming drawer! It sure would come in handy on Thanksgiving. It's HARD to have everything done on time! 

Another living room with blue and brown with white cabinetry.  I loved these cool lamps and the silver,  mercury glass accent pieces on the shelving. I found some close-outs at Macy's for mercury glass candle holders Here

This table centerpiece was so beautiful. I loved the chairs and the hanging lamp too. I saw this in one of the other Parade of Homes houses too, only it was hanging high from the ceiling and there were 5 of them! So pretty. The kitchen cabinets went all the way to the ceiling.
Here is a close up. I loved this! You could change out the candle colors to orange for fall and Halloween, red for Christmas and Valentines, and Green for St. Patrick's and Pink for Easter! I love doing that kind of thing and it is so EASY! 

I thought this would be a really easy decoration for a kid's room using just some simple clipboards and some scrapbook papers with something cute like darling little quotations printed on the scrapbook paper. So I took a pic to remember. Maybe I could use this idea in my classroom too? 

I loved this idea for my classroom too so I wanted to remember it. This was a counter in the desk area for the grandkids to play with grandma's stuff I bet. lol. 

We liked this cute office decor, so bright and happy! 

Such a pretty music room in the Parade of Homes in Highland and Alpine, Utah. 

This was a kid's playroom area. I loved this paint color on the walls and the metal baskets that looked like lockers under the metal "PLAY" sign. I think it lighted up at night. 

More of the kid's playroom area. 

Guest bedroom in yellow, brown and basic black. The headboard was pretty cool.
We sure had a fun time. There's Devin looking out the window. I think all of these homes had the most fantastic backyards with lots of "toys". I should have taken pics of the outside too. But suffice to say, they were also dream yards. Oh I think I could be a happy rich person! Hope you got some inspiration. Check back for Alpine homes we saw. Those were even more fantastic!


  1. Two of my granddaughters have beachy themed rooms and baths. One is mermaids and the other hula girls. My dil didn't great job on them.

    Keep sending pictures. I'm living it through you since I can't be there!

  2. Okay. I've got a camera full of them! Alpine homes were super fantastic!


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