Thursday, March 17, 2011

KISS ME I'M IRISH! St. Patrick's Day Fun!

 I love St. Patricks Day. My nickname growing up was Patrick, and I'm half Irish, so of course I'd love to celebrate being Irish on this one special day each year.

My class in their Leprechaun Hats and leprechaun math wheels...

Let's have a party! I want to fill some little black "pots" I bought with some gold ROLO candies, some gold almond kisses, and some gold coins. Maybe I'll add a few green gumdrops or green jelly beans.  A cute topper for the bag of treats can be found at Chicoandjo.com.  They have lots of cute party ideas.  Link is HERE

Rainbow science experiment in milk  

I have some fun with the kids knocking over chairs and making little footprints around the room with green glitter, using a little stencil shaped like a small doll's footprint. Then I knock over the chairs while they are at recess or lunch.  They come back and are all squealing with delight that the Leprechauns came to visit them.
The whole rest of the day I'm dodging kids "seeing them" here and there, in the bathrooms, at the drinking fountain, back on the coat rack, you name it. 

We played a St. Patricks Day Word Bingo game I made...

("I'm a Little Teapot" tune)

I'm a little leprechaun
All dressed in green.
The littlest lad that you've ever seen.
If you set a trap for me
The legend goes
I'll give you 3 wishes
or my pots of gold!

Here are my little leprechauns!

This student used sticky trap stuff from mouse traps! The little black pots of candy were from me.  But nobody caught one, darn it! 
This year I had the kids make "Leprechaun Traps" and they brought them in and explained their inventions and how they will "trap" their little guy to get his gold.

Climb up this very sturdy ladder, then slide down the tube! Super Fun! Why didn't they go for it?

Can you see the hole in the green grass? The leprechaun didn't either! Trapped!

Would you fall for the free all you can eat buffet? Neither did the leprechauns...

Don't you love the spelling? What an ominous threat! Eek!

I got my grandbabies some cute little green princess crowns to wear when they come over for dinner on Sunday. They love dress up and these will add to their little stash of costumes. They were only a buck at Target!  And they look so real!  Here's my little cuties all dressed up for church.  So sweet!
Here they are again!
My daughter is very talented and made this cute Skittles rainbow cake for Megan's 2nd Birthday.
Cute Rainbow Cake!
Rainbow layers must have taken her awhile. Isn't it super cute?

Here she is getting ready to blow out the candles! Woosh!

Leprechaun Handprint cards for mom and dad...

A fun thing we do is to make green hats.  All year long I collect anything I see in the craft stores that is green and especially things that are on clearance. Glitter, pipe cleaners, beaded necklaces, foil wire strings of shamrocks, felt, green christmas tinsel, anything! This way nobody can pinch anybody else. Uh ya. And that's a good thing if you are only 6 and in first grade.


For fun we do some leprechaun alliterations and similes.   I teach them what a simile is (A leprechaun is as tricky as a fox and as tiny as a mouse, etc), and they try to come up with their own. They are usually very hysterical, way crazy or just funny.  Then we play Simon says, Simon being an Irish little leprechaun, and if you can do what he says, you can take his place.

I play them a utube of Lord of the Dance, and I've got a CD of their music too. That's always fun.
It would be fun to eat green cupcakes and green punch and call it a cherrio day! Speaking of cherrios.At home I make little rice crispie treats  or popcorn balls, tinted with green chocolate disks and green M & Ms. Mmmmmm. My husband loves rice crispy treats. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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