Thursday, August 18, 2011

The County Fair

These lambs were my favorites...or are they goats? 
A few days ago John and I went over to see the Salt Lake County Fair. John has an old friend he worked with for years traveling all over the world together helping do automated robot machines in factories. His friend is named Wayne. He is a cowboy at heart. And he raises cows and pigs as well as being a fantastic mechanical engineer.

John and his good buddy Wayne

John's favorite thing to do at these fairs is look at all the livestock. He loves to see goats and pigs and stuff like that. I am a city girl born and bred. I can't really stand to be around stinky things like big beasts that snort and blow snot on you. I just missed being snotted on by a big, giant cow!

This big black cow wasn't very friendly....maybe she was bored....

This was one of the prettier cows....I thought....

There were also goats and pigs.  They were having a goat auction when we got there. Did you know a goat will sell for between $250 and $300 bucks? Yeah I didn't either. They must not make very much on goats. The cows were selling for $1800 to over $2000. I'd love to do that someday and get a freezer full of yummy steaks and stuff.

This cute littler girl was about to go into the judging arena with her pet lamb....I wished her luck. 

And these cute things are the blue ribbon piggies! 

Next we went over the auctioning and judging arena. It was fun to listen to the auctioneer talking so fast you can barely hear him. And to see the kids all lined up nervously petting their animals before bringing them into the ring for judging. My kids never did anything like that. It was fun to see how farmer families and the 4H Club do things.

Can't forget the cute little goats....

Here's the auctioneer babbling and a little guy getting judged....

Well after looking at all the booths of stuff for sale and walking around watching the horse race getting started we decided we had worked up an appetite. So we went over to my fav place Kneaders and had turkey and avocado on Foccacia Bread. Yummy.

Oops! I already took to bites outta this sandwich....snicker....

  But the best part of the day was this Blackberry cupcake. It was to die for.  Oh Heavenly Yum.   All in all a great day wasting away a summer day.  Fun times.


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