Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Living Planet Aquarium Trip in Sandy, Utah

We spent the day at the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy. It sure was a fun day after eating breakfast at Einstein's Bagels. Have you ever tried their pumpkin bagels with pumpkin shmear? To DIE FOR!!
I had to bring some home too. Yummy. They always sell out of this pumpkin shmear. 
The Living Planet Aquarium was great! There were lots of fun photo ops! 
There are some cute little signs and murals that adds a feeling that you are traveling the world! 
Come on Chelsea! Let's climb this killer whale! 
These peek a boo photo ops just crack me up. I take advantage of them wherever I find them. This one was cute with my daughter-in-law Wendy and Josie together! 
Cute little penguins swim past right at the kids' eye level. It was so exciting for them to see! The Living Planet Aquarium has a few really great exhibits I loved. 
Josie and Grandma Penguin. :D 
They had a wall of different types of penguins and their sizes. I thought this was very educational and exciting for the kids. They had a lot of these kinds of things along the walls. Very cute. 
They also had birds and frogs and many rainforest animals. I loved this black and yellow frog. 
Josie has been taking gymnastics for 2 years. She loved scaling the rope bridge in the Rainforest exhibit. She was such a brave little ninja warrior! 
Another poison dart frog at the Rainforest exhibit. 
Hey Josie! She loved climbing around this bridge and kept running back to do it again! She would LOVE the Thanksgiving Point rope bridge I bet. It is cool too! 
The parrots were so beautiful! But boy is it HOT in there! 
There were many giant aquarium exhibits full of rays, sharks, and many large fish. It had soft light and music playing too and was super relaxing to sit and watch the fish swim slowly around. 
We watched them feed the Sea Otters too. They hide the feeder fish around and then let the sea otters come out and search for their lunch. It was fun to watch. Did you know otters also like fresh carrots? 
Here is an otter looking for something to munch on! 
They also had some hands on exhibits where kids could touch sea stars, rays and lots of other animals. 
The beautiful salt water tanks filled with brightly colored fish were my so beautiful to see. 
This little girl LOVED watching the penguins play and swim by. See how the water is at her eye level? I thought that was so smart of the designers. The penguins would stop and stare right at the kids face to face! 
We had a great time. The girls liked seeing the new Living Planet Aquarium. The gift shop is really great too. Very reasonably priced, educational toys any kid would love. I loved hanging with two of the cutest girls in the world. I lub dem.


  1. You got some great pictures!!!

  2. Yeah I'm getting better. Not as good a photog as you though. Maybe I'll catch up someday. :D


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