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Parade of Homes Highland, Utah, Part 2

 I LOVED the outside of this Highland Home at the Utah Parade of Homes in Highland. All the landscaping and flowers and walkways were all so PRETTY! And I loved the front  veranda too and the portico over the porch. And there is my son Devin, walkin in the door in front of me.  All of these houses were 1.5 to 2.5 million dollar homes. Dreamhomes really.
Walkway up to the front porch was very pretty. I like lots of brickwork. I'm working on doing some new brickwork in my entry this year. It may take me a year to finish it though. I'm a do it yourself-er. 
The 3 different colors of rockers were a nice touch on this pretty brick veranda. The lot size was pretty big so you could sit on the porch and survey your little world in privacy (sort of)...well....that is......after the Parade of Homes in Highland, were over!! 

This kitchen was TO DIE FOR! It had so much storage and 2 huge islands and 4 sinks! (4 SINKS?) They must have lots of kids. Maybe they each have to do a little pile of dishes every night and there are 4 of them or something. :D Who really needs 4 sinks people? The counters were Caesarstone. HERE is a link. It is overtaking granite countertops more now because it is smoother, manmade from quartz. The two islands were butcherblock and I think a quartz. Both were HUGE! Look at the fridge! It looked like a blue barn door. 

I LOVED the decor on these shelves with the aqua and silver and white. It is similar to my great room colors. This decorator happened to be in the kitchen while we were browsing. I told her how beautiful her work was. I loved it all. Here are some of the highlights of this Highland Parade of Homes beauty. 
This wall treatment going up the beautiful stairs was out of this world cute. Now just imagine this gallery of pictures with your OWN KIDS' pictures inside!!! Wouldn't it be just so fine? Yeah, my daughter and I loved this. Notice a few of the pretty mirrors added a lot and the ampersand. I have a giant M I would put on mine. 

Now she had the same idea again with pottery, mostly white plates in the dining room. But I thought it may be too close to the stairs to have as much of an impact. I'd probably put a family picture in a cool frame here instead. After all, you are going to put some do dads on this pretty, blue, weathered cabinet now aren't you? Better to have a plain picture or maybe a mirror behind it. 

Pretty living room had these beautiful windows in a circular wall of windows look. It was VERY impressive! This house was maybe my favorite of all of the houses we looked at. Mostly because of the kitchen, but this living room and the decor and colors made it special. Notice those railroad car doors leading ot the craft room. They were SO pretty. 
Here is a close up of these cool doors. I am trying to think of a way to use these in my house. Maybe the entrance to the great room? I loved the 3 pictures to the side in different colored frames too. Everything looked kind of beachy casual. 

The living room  fireplace was small to not take away or diminish the beauty of these windows. There was a smallish T.V. on top of the fireplace. But what I really LOVED were these cool hanging lanterns. OOOHHHHH! 

These are not something I've seen a lot and I fell in love with them. I think there were 5 of them. 

The office was definitely more of a man's masculine place. The colors were more brown, black and dark blue. 

Another room I LOVED in this house was the CRAFT ROOM. It was so unique with the strips of complimentary but differing wallpapers in yellows and corals and blues. Who would have thought of that? I loved it. 

Then they had repurposed some cute little old chest of drawers in coral/orange and a china hutch in beachy blue at the Parade of Homes in Highland, Utah. I wanted that blue china hutch. 

I'd put all kinds of cool crafty things in this. There are places for everything in this Craft Room! 

Downstairs they had this cute little weathered bench in the perfect spot. 

Here is just one of the two giant islands in this kitchen. You would definitely be having lots of par-tays here! 

I think you can see 2 more sinks here, besides the one in the island. There is one to the right and one to the left. Maybe it is HIS and HERS SINKS? (I'd make the hubs do all my dishes in the HERS side.....haha) 

I liked the backsplash in this house to. It was kind of a bluish gray pattern. But what I LOVED was this very cool and creative chandelier made out of teacups. I've never seen anything like it. This was definitely a decorator's dream kitchen here. 

Here is a close up of the Teacup Chandelier at the Parade of Homes in Highland. How COOL IS THAT? What if you could make one with your granny's old antique teacups? Mine had a collection of them that I still have a few of. We had to split them up so everybody could have a couple between all the granddaughters. 

Like me, this decorator has a soft spot for her granny too. She framed some of her old recipes written in her own handwriting. That was so special, I thought. Then she has a little herb garden right on the kitchen counter. I loved it. I will have to copy this!! 

Here was one of the open areas as you walk upstairs. I think it may have been a teenager's T.V. room. There was some playroom ideas too like the cute, striped TeePee to the right. Then there were desks in the corners; most probably for computer use.. 

This. Kid's. Bedroom. Was. SO. CLEVER. and Cute.  Totally CUTE Shark Room! 

The wire shark had a cute little wood board that said, "You're gonna need a bigger boat". So fun. And then this climbing wall leading up to the loft with the net? I loved the sliding down fireman's pole too. And the weathered boards on the ceiling were really clever. It reminded me of an old beached out rowboat! 

What kid wouldn't LOVE this fireman's pole to slide down from the loft? 

Under the wire shark decoration there were wire baskets with nautical No.1 to No. 12 to fill up with toys, and sports equipment. Notice the cool ceiling treatment? Weathered wood planks and blue painted boards mixed in. Very cool. 
The other side of the room had a T.V. room underneath with some comfy hassocks and pillows and a game system. Up above was the "boat" bunkbed with bookcases on both sides. What little boy wouldn't LOVE this room? It made me want to go home and change my nautical "Mariner's Room" to a little shark theme instead. 

Here is another peek at the T.V. nook under the bunk bed. It even had some nautical looking lanterns on either side of the T.V. I like the idea too that those noisy game systems would have their own noisy place under the bed. The other kid could go read a book up in one of the two bed lofts. 
This bedroom seemed like it was for a young teenager girl. It had so many pretty things in it. I loved the aqua blue painted walls and the shimmery blue and white wallpapered wall. The lamps were very feminine as was the pure white bedcovers. I loved the old fashioned repainted little white vanity with the circular mirror. It reminded me of one on my grandma's farm in Iowa back in the day.

This lucky teen has her own little sitting area to have friends over. I loved the striped couch and all the cute pillows too. To the right she has her own piano you can barely see. 

Weren't these pillows just sooo charming? You can never have too many pillows, am I right? 
This was her own little silver piano in her bedroom. I really liked these pictures too.  They were made form an old piece of sheet music and then black lettering overlay with cute song names. You could do this in a music room at home. Darling idea!!! 

Another favorite of this Parade of Home house was the stairs leading up to a grandkid's room. There were all these perfectly sweet sayings, many of them I remember coming from Disney Movies. I wonder if it all these are  favorite family quotations? 

I know that last one is from Disney's Cinderella! 

Vinyl quotations on Stair steps were very clever and creative. The whole house was clever and creative. I thought it was just simply magnificent. Great job on the decorating. Lots of furniture was from 4 Chairs Furniture on State Street in Linden, Utah. The blog is HERE at 4 Chairs. I know the decorator works with them too. I'll have to run over there and check it out!! Check back to see part 3 and 4 on our Parade of Homes Tour. 


  1. I love all of those colors! I'm sad I missed the parade of homes. Next time!

  2. Okay. Next time for sure! They have them all over the place so each summer week it seems like there is one somewhere in our area. John and I have been to the Park City one, the Bear Lake Parade of homes, and the Salt Lake City one. They are all a bit different but always fun. Sometimes it is a little depressing when you get home though. lol.


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