Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Museum of Natural Curiosity Thanksgiving Point

I tagged along with my daughter to check out the Museum of Natural Curiosity at Thanksgiving Point. She has a season pass so I got in for half price! Woot! 

Thanksgiving Point Museums are the best! The Museum of Natural Curiosity is very creative and captivating for almost any kid (even big kids like me!) I loved this replica of the water tower out front. Wouldn't this be adorable in your yard? I'm gonna talk it up to the hubs.  :D

They have stuff for 1 year olds to enjoy! This water table looks like you'd get wet, but you DON'T! It's amazing! 

The girls were building roads for the water to pass through....it was fun to watch them get into it! 

I think the water area is the most fun of all at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. But the Rainforest area seemed like Tom Sawyer's Island at Disneyland. It came in a close second place! 

Lots of things to turn and spin and lots of hands on fun! 

The girls played oin this wet area for a good while. It was fun. They had galoshes you could wear because everybody's feet get kind of wet.
This was a tornado tunnel. The kids spin the crank and a mist tornado appears out of nowhere! 

It was very cool! OOOOHHH   AWWWWW! 

Dylan liked the kiddie play areas. They were spread out everywhere so he had fun too climbing, sliding, putting the balls into the holes and watching them roll out again. 

"Where should we go next grandma?"  (I don't know I'm already pooped after climbing around on the rope bridges!)  

Yup. He's a good climber. Lots of places to roll around with those of your kind (1 year olds....) :D 

Then there was an amazing climbing wall and an Amazon area of just slides, rope bridges, ropes courses and ladders galore. 

Then there were the educational exhibits. Marisa loved seeing all the animal xrays. 

You could take a stuffed animal and set him on the machine and push the button and the machine would xray and show you the dog's bones. It was very cute and very popular! 

Here are a bunch of kids xraying cats and dogs and mice. 

Megan liked the train car area where you make a little train go around a big track just near the ceiling. Fun! 

Then we went out back to go see the pond and the ducks and the caves and the Noah's Ark splash pad. I was pretty beat by then. The kids wanted Slurpees. I wanted Pizza. It was a beautiful Utah afternoon. I highly recommend it! The snack bar was great too as was the gift shop. 

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