Thursday, January 16, 2014

Snow Sledding in Utah

There are some fun places in Utah to go snow sledding. One I know of is Soldier Hollow. It is on the way to Park City  so Check it Out HERE! It's probably the best place I know of. But there are lots of parks in the Salt Lake and Sandy and Riverton area where there are sliding hills too. We went to one park near my daughter's home and just had a fun sledding afternoon with the family after meeting for lunch at Pei Wei for some Chinese food. We all had some time off the week after Christmas and it was really pretty snowy and cold that whole week.

Family sledding day. Jeff and Wendy met us for lunch at Pei Wei but then the new baby needed to go down for a nap so they missed the funnest part of the day.....snow sledding! Gary even went and got his snowboard and went for a few short runs! Caitlin snapped all these cool pics. She's an excellent photog. 

Baby Lena was sledding for the first time in Utah. She is super cute and always has a smile on her face! 

Megan is always smiling too, and eating something yummy. She's my mini-me. We went back to Tiff and Gary's house for some hot chocolate and snacks afterwards.....but this may have been some chocolate fondue we did on Christmas Eve....that was yummy too! Maybe it was chocolate with bacon and fondue and hot chocolate....no....no I'm just dreaming aloud now.....lol. 

 My little Marisa Belle in her cute ski gear. I got everybody a new funny ski hat for Christmas. It's a bummer I didn't take any pics of everybody in their new hats. Bad me. Note to family; at some point in the future you WILL have to show up for an embarrasing snow hat photo shoot. Just sayin....

Little Lena sledding for the first time. It was really cold but really puffy light snow, so it was fun. 
Best picture of the day maybe. So sweet of my son and his little happy girl.
Lena and Caitlin. They had matching tan coats...they are really, just so cute! 

Tiff, and baby Dylan on his first time sledding. I don't know if he liked it much.....

Gary and Dylan.....Yeah....he's not a fan of sledding....maybe by next year he will be....lol....
 Caitlin took these wonderful pics with her DSLR camera. I wish I knew how to work mine better. I handed it over to the hubs who took no pics. Saywhat?  Dead battery?  Yeah, aren't we just great planners?  (no, not really).

But I coulda told ya Megan would love it. She loves anything adventurous.....she is our resident water baby....someday she'll probably be doing ski jumps in the Olympics or something.  Adventure girl. I'm changing my mind. This is the best pic of the day. 
It started lightly snowing after about 2:00. And it got pretty COLD! So here I am...not much of an adventure girl anymore....but I loved going sledding with my kids and grandkids during the holiday break. Marisa and Megan and I took several runs together on the longer sleds. They are a riot! I'm going to buy a few after the season on a good clearance sale!

Megan Tremayne age 5 Snowman Picture

 I'd forgotten how much fun snow sledding can be and especially with family. Thanks kids, for showing me some more ways to have family fun.  Love you guys.


  1. Actually, my camera is the one that died and John gave me your battery. So I'm the lame one :). That was such a fun day!

  2. Are you kidding me! Well I guess he didn't throw you under the bus when I asked why he didn't get any pics. He's the one who said he had a dead battery. That's why I love the guy. But I'll HAVE to learn to do the dslr this year, no excuses.


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