Monday, April 22, 2013

Ariel Birthday Party for Marisa

My oldest grandchild turned 6 last week. It is hard to believe. I can't imagine my life without her in it. She is the apple of my eye.

She had an Ariel party...with a bubble machine and Nemo hot potato....

And yummy chocolate cupcakes that turned everybody's tongue bright blue! 

Blowing out the "6" candle....

Meg wanted a flounder cupcake.....
Musical chairs was fun....everybody got a prize when they got out! 

3 generations of brown eyed girls here......
3 cousins here, Meg, Josie and Marisa....

I loved these aqua frilly skirts they wore....so cute! 

Fascinated by trying to pop those bubbles......

Grandpa and I took turns playing with Josie and baby Dylan, grandbabies 3 and 5.

Super cute little guy......didn't make a peep.....zzzzzz

 And these were the most darling bunch of little girls at the party.....especially birthday girl!
6 years old! Woo Hoo! 

I got her a doll that looked kind of like her in her glasses.....

Then the girls all beaded a fancy bracelet....

And then we ate cupcakes and sodas and pizza! 

Then she opened all her loot......
I had to take some pictures of her cute room....Tiffany made such cute wall art for the girls.....
Super cute flowers and frames.....
And a darling curtain....
Yummy Ariel and Flounder cupcakes with fishy sprinkles.....

Gotta love a goodie bag too! 

I still can't believe she is 6! 

I love my little princesses.....what a fun-filled day! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Class Got on TV! RAD KIDS Graduation!

Second Graders Learn Skills to Keep Them Safe | KUTV.com

 We were featured on Channel News TV on Friday for our RAD KIDS Graduation! It is a self defense program backed by the Elizabeth Smart Foundation.
It  teaches kids what to do in dangerous or stranger-danger situations. They learn how to fight off an attacker, how to yell "Get Back, You're not my mom!" and pepper the aggressor in the eyes with their fingers and do shin kicks.
 We practice for 8 hours during the week with trained RAD KIDS teachers. Then they practice with the "RED MAN", who acts out the part of the aggressive stranger. Go Brody, kick him!
Kick him, Get away! Scream "No, No, you're NOT my dad!"
 They learn the tricks that strangers use to lure kids into their cars; "I've lost my dog, will you help me look for him?" Of course kids naturally want to help. Hopefully they will think twice if it ever happens with this valuable training.
 Here were our cute teachers, Mrs. Sheffner and Miss Maggie.
They were with us every step of the way, helping us, coaching us, yelling what to do!
Our principal came to our graduation, explaining the program to parents.
They learn to scream if anybody were to grab them and strategies to get away if they are grabbed by a stranger. They also learn fire and gun safety rules, the importance of wearing seat belts and a bike helmet, and how it is OK to tell if somebody is hurting you. Nobody has the right to hurt you. They start out each day reciting that.
Practicing all our moves together, "high hammer!", "block!" 
Get him Grace! Pepper his eyes!
Yay! Cambria got away, go girl! Everyone cheers for you. It is VERY EMPOWERING!
Even the quiet, shy kids learn to yell and become fierce! I like that. Everybody cheers for their classmates!
Go! Get away! You can do it! Parents all watch from the chairs.
One of my parents is a producer for Channel 2 News. She organized the TV station to come record and do a story on us. See how cool it was by linking below!  It was a very exciting day for all! Second Graders Learn Skills to Keep Them Safe | KUTV.com

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Baby Dylan Makes His Entrance in the World!

Yesterday was a big day for our family. We got our first grandson! Let me introduce baby Dylan Tremayne.

Photo: Dylan was born this afternoon! 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches
Dylan Gary Tremayne was born April 12th, 2013 at 7 pounds 1 ounce.

Proud Papa. I love this picture of Megan and Marisa's first glimpse at their new brother. Megan kept saying "Where's his feet? I wanna see his feet!" It was totally cute when she saw his tiny hands. We compared her chubby little fists to his and couldn't believe the difference. She is 3 1/2. 

Grandpa Moss loved holding his first grandson. 
I CANNOT believe Tiffany just gave birth 2 hours before this picture. Who looks THAT good? Not anybody. No how. 

Megan was white excited to see her new baby brother. I think Marisa took it all in. 

Cute Family shot I got. Love this one. 

It was a lovely moment in time everybody piled in mom's bed. 
Then all ate dinner at the Playland at Arctic Circle (corndogs and fries and ice cream cones) and then went in the jacuzzi when we got home. It was a splash fest.
The cousins just outside the hospital jumping and laughing....
 Wendy and Jeff came and brought Josie but they wouldn't let her in because she wasn't a sibling. So dumb.
Oh well. She played in the lobby and Jeff and Wendy took turns coming in. Jeff brought his sister flowers. I thought that was so cute. They were in a red ladybug pot. I forgot to take a picture.

Miss Josie will have to wait to see her cousin Dylan. 
 We brought a stuffed bear and a book "On the Day You Were Born" and a plant with white flowers on it.

He's a cutie. Everybody is healthy and happy. We are so lucky and blessed.


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