Friday, August 24, 2012

Putting in Doorway Wood Moldings

We wanted to redo the white wood moldings in our den now that we have redone the wood floors in there. So the hubs bought a stack of wood for me and I went to work staining it.
We've got this old table on our deck that does all kinds of dirty work with us....so I used it to start staining the planks of wood I wanted to use for the doorway.
I stained it with my favorite Minwax "FRUITWOOD" color.
I kind of look a little psycho here but I think I was just tired out from a long day on my feet. 
So I got busy painting the 1 x 4 boards with the Minwax stain. I let them dry overnight on the deck. Luckily it is nice warm weather! 
We found these decorative squares we thought might look pretty in the top corners of the doorway so I stained them too. But when we put them on the doorways, they were just too fancy for the rustic look we were going for. They would be much nicer painted white and placed in the great room which we will decorate more formally. 
So we put some "Liquid Nails" on the backs of each plank and glued it in place around the doorway, leaving a little overlap on the top plank. 
Then I nailed in some finishing nails all up and down the pieces. 
Almost done!
Finished doorway.  It looks a lot better than a white doorway with all the new wood floors and brown, leather furniture down in our den.  
Yup, I like the new wood doorway moldings a lot. It was so easy too, just a 24 hour job! Now we just have to finish the fireplace and the whole den will be done! It's taken months and months! Boy am I ready to be done too! 

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