Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Treat for our Military

What did you think of Madge's Super Bowl Halftime Show?  I thought it ended on a fantastic note but I waited awhile to feel like it got started. The dancers and their costumes on the beginning 2 songs were just so so. And she picked kind of low key songs to play to the biggest crowd on earth, I thought. She should have picked her best standard songs, the ones we all recognize.NOT a new, unrecognizable, kind of boring song.

 But her costumes were good and I liked the tightrope dancer and the choir behind her. I don't know what cheerleaders were all about, that was kinda weird.  And I guess the World Peace, although cheesy was a good message at the end. She always has some kind of message.

The worst thing during the game was seeing on the running tape under the t.v. feed  that Susan Powell's husband had blown he and his kids up. The poor social worker who dropped the boys off and then was barred from entering the home. She smelled gas and couldn't do anything about it. That's such an awful position to put another human being in. I can't believe that guy is such a gutless pig. The inlaws knew he might do something like this and their worst fears came true. How would you live after having your daughter murdered and then you 2 little grandsons, who you had custody of, murdered too. What a poor excuse for a human being. And he left a 3 word "sorry" note to his lawyer.

On a bright note, I loved reading this news in the paper today:

Frank Guidara, CEO of the Boston-based pizza chain Uno's

 and a Vietnam vet himself, teamed up with Pizzas4Patriots

 and DHL Express to ship 10,000(!) deep-dish pizzas to U.S

 troops in Afghanistan who will be able to watch the New

 England Patriots versus the New York Giants this Sunday.

 In the past three years, Guidara and his team have sent

 over about 70,000 pizzas to troops for the Super Bowl and

 for the Fourth of July. "We put a lot of time and effort into 

it. Every employee in this company gets so excited

 about this. They have that sense of pride."

That's what I love about America. There's always a silver lining to the bad things that happen. 

There's also the good.  Three Cheers for you UNOS and Frank Guidara! YOU ROCK!  Even if 

Madonna didn't rock all that much. After all, she IS in her mid 50s. I think she did a good job. 

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