Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jet Skis on Utah Lake

Well it is October and today  was probably the last time we take the jet skis out this season. It was a 90 degree day so we went up to Utah Lake's Saratoga Spring Marina after work and played one last time. I LOVE to jet ski. It is such a rush.

 Jeff and Wendy met us there around 5:00. The water was so smooth and glassy. It was an amazing ride! I would look up at the sunshine and then follow a flock of birds over the water looking at them flying right above me as I raced across the water, beauty everywhere. Just awesome!

 We rode for about 40 minutes then Jeff and Wendy came and they rode while we played with little Miss Josie. She seemed to like a little ride her daddy gave her too. Future adventure girl? Ya maybe.
John likes to get crazy and do donuts and race around me splashing me. He usually falls in at least once.....snicker.....

Grandma and  littlest granddaughter.... hangin out at the marina. 
We had a picnic of Jimmy John's sandwiches and fresh salsa and chips and my daughter in law made homemade chocolate chip cookies. It's so easy to pack a picnic and eat on the dock under the picnic tables there. And the view is gorgeous. It's fun to watch fishermen and boaters. It wasn't very crowded today.
Hanging with my peeps...

Well October is here so we should probably pack up the skis for now. It's been SUCH a fun ride.

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  1. Pattie, you are so darling to come visit me over at blogspot! As you can tell, I am doing good to just get my post done and get back to work. Thanks for your constant encouragement. How do you keep this up? Your entries are fabulous and your decor here online is impressive. I love seeing those grandbabies the most! Hope school is well! I know I missed your birthday, personally and on behalf of PTA. I am just very behind this year, I won't get into the whys, but PTA birthdays are next on the dock. Happy Belated anyway. Love you!


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