Saturday, November 8, 2014

Turkey and Scarecrow Cupcakes and Candy Pilgrim Hats for Thanksgiving

How about making some Thanksgiving Cupcakes for the kids this year? If you want something different in addition to the pumpkin pies, how about Turkey or Scarecrow Cupcakes? Or a Pilgrim's Hat from a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup? Yum. 
These Scarecrow Cupcakes were made from Orange Slices (and other colored gumdrop flavors) and candy corn and Chocolate chips or M and Ms for eyes. The hair is Chinese crunchy noodles. I just used chocolate icing and a writing tip to do the Scarecrow stitched smile and the stripe on the hat. Then I added a leaf cupcake pick I got onsale in the cake decoration section. 
I also bought a Wilton Package of Cupcake toppers in leaves and pumpkins. I added the leaves to the Scarecrow heads for a hat decoration on the Thanksgiving Scarecrow Cupcakes. On the Turkey Cupcakes I added the pumpkins for an added decoration. Check them out below. They were on clearance at Joannes Crafts in the Wilton Cake Decorating section. You could use a 40% off coupon to get the deal too.  

Turkey cupcakes have a jawbreaker or lemonhead for a head and candy corn beak and feathers. I like how the cupcake picks add some dimension to the turkeys and scarecrows. That's always cool! 
These are really so easy to decorate a child aged 4 could do them. Just have an adult do the dab of icing for eyes. I just used a cake decorating tip and chocolate and vanilla icing. 
These turkey "heads" were leftover treats from Halloween. Giant Lemonheads or jaw breakers for a turkey face work great. You could also used Malt Balls, but they wouldn't be as colorful. 
Then I added candy corn for the feathers and some icing eyes. Here is a Thanksgiving Buffet we set up for a School Party and this was my contribution, as well as some cheesy, twice baked potatoes. I added some silk flowers and fall leaves with ribbons to my serving plates.  
These Peanut Butter Cookies I added Reese's Pieces to them for fall colors. They were gobbled right up on Thanksgiving Day!  
Easy Scarecrow Cupcakes. They were tasty and cute too! 
 And the Thanksgiving Cupcakes made a very cute dessert buffet table too! The kids in your family (big kids or little kids) will all love them. You could also use this as a fun activity after Thanksgiving dinner too. Kids would love to decorate their own cupcake with candy!

Last year we made gingerbread houses and these cute Cookie Pilgrim Hats from a Keebler striped cookie and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. The "buckle" is a cut up gumdrop. 
I just added some Milk Chocolate chips to the Cupcake batter to make it a little bit richer and yummier. Sometimes I add a small chocolate pudding box to the dry mix and a cup of sour cream if I want them super rich and tasty. 
 Try adding some chocolate chips to your next batch of chocolate cupcakes. You will love it. If I use yellow cake mixes I might add butterscotch chips to the batter for cupcakes. And I'll add a vanilla pudding small box (dry) and a cup of sour cream to the mix too.
 I frosted the cupcakes and used chocolate sprinkles on them before decorating them further. 
Cute little Turkey Cupcakes would be super easy for even 4 year olds to put together You would just have to add the frosting eyeballs. I just used a writing tip and made dots with white and chocolate icing. You could also buy the premade eyeball candies. 
Have some fun this Thanksgiving for your kiddos and grandkids; make Turkey Cupcakes! Or Scarecrow Cupcakes.  Or make both kinds on Thanksgiving Day for a fun activity after everybody has enjoyed the turkey dinner!  We have made gingerbread men and houses too. It's a fun activity for kids and a sweet memory.

Then when you are all done eating. Play some Thanksgiving BINGO HERE FREE, or else play Pin the Hat on the Turkey. I got mine from the dollar store! :D Have more fun on Thanksgiving Day. 

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