Friday, September 26, 2014

Goodbye Derek Jeter

I've always loved baseball. It is my favorite sport. I remember our family listening to the Los Angeles Dodgers games on the radio. My mother loved Sandy Koufax, the famous Dodgers pitcher of the 60s. My mother-in-law also loved baseball and the Dodgers. We were baseball fans. I remember Vin Scully's play by plays on the radio. I remember my own dad coaching my brothers' baseball teams. I remember he always made me the "bat girl".
I always loved eating a Dodger Dog at the games with my own dad. 

Our family enjoyed many fun times watching the L.A. Dodgers at Dodger Stadium in L.A. 

 And I remember attending Dodger's games and eating Dodger Dogs (hot dogs) and bon bons. I took my own kids to Dodger's games when they were little. We would attend on Dodgers bag and ball nights so everybody got a token Dodger item to take home. I still have some of the Dodger bags  and balls the kids got for free.

These guys all played T ball and baseball when they were little. Now it is the grandkid's turn. 

We took our kids to lots of baseball games over the years. Now these little girls' daddy is a baseball fan too. And I bet, and hope, someday he will help coach their teams to victory. 

Well, another of Baseball's famous and finest icons has retired. It is a sad day for baseball, but a great day too. Derek Jeter played his final baseball game last night 8/25/14. He is a 5 time World Series Winner, and one of my favorite baseball players. He played for the New York Yankees. He is an all around nice guy. He is the Yankees' all-time career leader in hits (3,461), games played (2,744), stolen bases (358), and at bats (11,186)
A man in a grey baseball uniform with a navy helmet prepares to swing at a pitch
Derek Jeter's last time at bat as a New York Yankee September 2014. 
 He made the winning play in his final inning of his final game. What a great way to go. I love that Baseball is a family tradition for his family too. And I love that he looks for his mom in the stands before games. Jeter’s mother, Dorothy, told CBS’s 60 Minutes in 2005 that Jeter has communicated this way with her since Little League, and even when she’s surrounded by the 50,000-plus fans at Yankee Stadium, Jeter always looks over at her and gives her a little nod. I just love that! You should never forget yo mama! 
Derek Jeter's last game. His mama attended his games from the time he was little. 

"I basically just said thank you," Jeter said. "Because this is all I've ever wanted to do and not too many people get an opportunity to do it. It was above and beyond anything I'd ever dreamt of. I mean, I don't even know what to say. I've lived a dream. This is (my dream) since I was 4 or 5 years old, and part of that dream is over now."

He tipped his hat to the fans on his final game, holding back tears all night. He admitted he had been very emotional all day long. 
What a great thing to be able to live out your childhood dream!! I tip my hat to one of my all time favorite baseball players today with a lump in my throat. Good Job Jeter. We will miss you man. 

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