Friday, September 12, 2014

BYU Football Season Opener Game 9/11

We got tickets to the BYU Football season opener game on September 11th. We got to be a part of this cool "card section" that wrote out the words "WE WILL NEVER FORGET". Can you see us in the upper left corner? No? 
These military men and women were holding a giant American flag they walked out on the field and unfurled. It was quite impressive. They were totally at attention holding it before the game. 

They snaked around the building the flag was so big! 

They made a lot of touchdowns in the first quarter. We sang the fight song over and over!!! 

I think this is my first selfie ever. It sucked. But I liked Johnny in his hat. 

This was my brother-in-law Jack's son's band Westward the Tide. They did an awesome job of singing the national anthem. 

Jack and Julie's son Cam is on the far right. He does keyboards in the band.
#BYUfootball is fun to go see once in awhile. John said he'd rather watch it on T.V. with all the people and traffic it is quite an ordeal just to get there and get home.
But these experiences are what make life worth living, dontcha know? Well I think so anyway. Gotta live it up while the sun shines. Cuz you just never know.
I thought the #BYUcheer team were all so darling. I loved their out uniforms and pom poms. And of course their BYU tatoos on their cheeks. I gotta get some of those. 

This cute girl sat in front of us. She had light and dark blue nail polish and some decals on her thumbs that had the Y from BYU. She bought them at Walmart! SO cute! 

Then she shared her Cougar Tail donut all around. We sat all amongst the BYU students. Yeah we are cool like that. Can you see how far up we are? Yeah. Nose bleed seats. Oh well. 

Taped to our seats was a card stunt. It was fun to do with everybody. It made out the words "We Will Never Forget. The peek hole is funny I thought. :D snicker......

The halftime show was fun to watch. I used to do a drill team in high school. I was a "Warriorette" for West Torrance High. We did the Rose Parade one year. We rocked as a band and drill team, winning lots of awards.
As we walked out in the 4th quarter....(yes BYU won the game...and it was clear early on) we walked past the Houston team's trucks and buses. And we got on T.V. that night! Woot. It was a fun experience for 2 former BYU alumni. Woot! Go Fight Win!


  1. I was a Warriorette too! Loved those years!!!
    Cougar Tails = one of the best treats ever!
    The group that sang the national anthem was A M A Z I N G!
    One of the cheerleaders is a girl from our stake. A friend of my daughter.
    Card Stunt were A W E S O M E!
    And you just can't beat a BYU Football win!
    Go Cougars!

    Cindy Duffy

  2. Cindy I had forgotten you were a Wariorette too! We had some good teachers over at West didn't we? I loved Mr. Fenn so much. Great Band leader, coaches etc. I loved the first BYU Game. I think we should make it a tradition. :D

  3. This is really making me miss Provo, even more than usual. One time my roommate and I had a competition to see who could finish a Cougar Tail first. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat one again.

  4. Yum. I want a Cougar Tail right this minute! Haha. I think you out to just move back here. We don't want you being homesick girl! We miss you guys ALL the time. :-D


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