Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cowabunga Bay Summer Fun

We got season passes to Cowabunga Bay this summer to have someplace to go cool off when Utah summer got too hot! So besides cooking and crafting this summer, and playing with my only grandson, I did some watersports too.
Dylan and Grandma on Father's Day 2014. He lubs me!

My Granddaughters are just learning to swim and both these two are water babies. This was one of the best weather days we had at Cowabunga all summer. It wasn't too hot, and not too breezy. Just perfect! 
Both of these two like the water too! It's been fun watching them learning to love swimming. And it is fun for the adults to go get a Dole Whipped soft serve pineapple ice cream. OH MY those are good!  
In the meantime, when the hubs isn't working (he's always working) he's playing with his latest man toy. Here is the "Before Picture". He's enjoying learning how to tie sailor knots he used to know in boy scouts. He has to restring the whole boat.

Johnny bought a used Hobie-cat for $300 bucks and is restoring it.  This is the "trampoline" he informed me. lol. (he thinks he is Popeye the Sailor Man now.....hehe). 
Johnny adding the new "trampoline to the old Hobie frame. He watched a few Youtubes on restringing the tarp and then he just went out and did it. Wow! I have to say I was impressed! 

The sail is such a pretty rainbow color! We will be able to see it from afar on the water! That will be exciting to learn to sail on Bear Lake or one of the lakes 30 minutes from our house. 

 Here we are in our boat on the waters of Bear Lake, my lovely sanctuary away from the cares of the world. It is heaven on the lake. I've got my Diet Coke. What more could you ask for? (A Bear Lake Raspberry Shake you say?)
 This was Dylan's first boatride. He was smiling the whole time. Does that mean he will be a thrill seeker when he grows up? Hmmm......

Grandpa photobombing. 
Captain Gary humming along to some tunes. John got the radio and speakers fixed. The sound is great now! 
Meg loves the water.   She is the most athletic kid. Can't wait to see her wakeboarding! She loves the outdoors! 
This little sweetheart smiles all the time just like this. Isn't she a doll? Love her. 
The waterpark has all these cool oldie things like surfboards and old VW cars and Woodies all around. It is fun and colorful just walking around Cowabunga Bay in Draper. 
Cousins having a blast at their favorite waterpark; Cowabunga Bay. Josie and Marisa and I went down the slides together a few times too. They are getting very brave. 
 I got some cute pictures of them early in the summer.
I just hate to see summer coming to an end. It's been so relaxing for me. I have loved these lazy days of summer.

Boston, Doobie Brothers, Journey, Steve Miller Band and other Summer Fun!

The hubs and I like to go to concerts lately. We are on a kick. We decided not to do a vacation this year since we'd just stuccoed the entire outside of the house and spent a small fortune. Plus John is very busy at work this summer writing his fingers to the bone on code.
So I told him I'd just get a bunch of tickets to fun events. Here were a few.We saw Boston, Doobie Brothers, Journey, Steve Miller Band, Peter Frampton, Wicked, Little River Band, and Jim Gaffigan, the comic, is coming up. 

Here we are at Draper Days. We loved going to festivals too. We went are going to Swiss Days in a few weeks. 

Little River Band at Draper Days 

There were lots of reptile exhibits at the Draper festival too. Here were a couple of creepy ones.

Dunno what this is but it is freaky deaky!
The Doobie Brothers  great. I loved singing along to their songs. 

 The best by FAR was BOSTON! I sang along to all of their songs. It turned out to be a sprinkly day but it only rained for about 2 minutes and it was warm rain.
Here is the rainbow over Usana Amphitheater for the Boston and Doobie Brothers concert. 

 One of the best songs of the night at the Boston Concert. This is my favorite Boston song "Long Time" with the prelude being "Foreplay". So cool.
The hubs and I enjoying the Doobie Brothers or Journey on a blanket. We saw our neighbors that live across the street on the blanket in front of us. Karen snapped a picture of us. What serendipity! It was fun visiting with them. 
Rockin' out with JOURNEY. 
 Journey saved most of their best songs for the end of the night. And it was a Thursday so we were both really tired by 10:45. We are getting to be old peeps. So we started walking out early as he was singing "Don't Stop Believin". Cool.

I think this was Peter Frampton. Yeah he is still cool in his 70s! I am lovin the concerts. We are having this summer.


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