Saturday, July 26, 2014

Parade of Homes Alpine Utah Part 7

Okay this was the last of the Alpine, Utah Parade of Homes houses that I absolutely fell in love with. This grandkids playroom extravaganza was just so darling in a word.  It is a double decker little "town" of fun. Can you see the hair salon, the post office, the trainville room? SO. MUCH. FUN! 
There was a kiddie movie big screen with treehouse bookcases on both sides and a game system under the kiddie couch. 

Parade of Homes Alpine, Utah with all the cute kiddie fun, who wouldn't love coming to visit grandma and grandpa? I wanted to climb around in this little fun village!! 

Game systems under the kiddie couches. 

There was the kiddie bakery. Now talk about a kitchen set. This would be any little girl's dream kitchen! 

I loved the "grandma's cookies" recipe on the chalkboard. SO cute. The mini fry pan and sink and  baking jars added such a cute touch. 

Gotta have a chef's hat and apron! Of COURSE! 

The cash register is always a hit with little kids. This one looked like a real one too! 

My daughter and I were playing in the post office. There were all these mail slots we were trying to figure out! (we are just big kids, don't ya know?)

Each little doorway leads to a different "store" that has lots of things on a theme to play with! I can't remember them all. 

But the Lego room was a hit with the grandkids. Who doesn't love Legos? 

Then there was this princess dress up room with big mirrors everywhere. My daughter and I wanted to try on some of the hats and boas......snicker.......

And maybe put on some make up like a movie star would? 

Or how about get your hair done in the beauty salon? Wouldn't that be a day of fun? Hopefully your friends wouldn't cut off your hair like mine did when I was 5 years old. sniff sniff.....

Dollies for the doll hair salon. See the chair in the upper left corner? I once visited Chicago's American Girl Store. They had a doll salon where dolls got their hair french braided while the doll's owner looked on. It was super cute.  I think these were all American Girl Dolls (at $100 a pop!). It is safe to say little girls could happily spend the entire winter playing in this doll room. 

Candy by the pour or pound to watch movies with. Yeah, I wanted one of these too. I know what you are thinking! 

Then at the very end of the room was a big bunkbed room with 3 or 4 sets of bunkbeds.  Each one was decorated in a different color. It was super sweet. My granddaughter Meg wanted to buy this house SOOOO bad! She was promising to save quarters and dollars if she could get her mom to comply. 

Pretty bathroom with the vanity and stuffed, pink bunny standing guard. 

Jars full of toys and action figures. 

Cute butterfly art. 

There were lots of these metal picture frames in the Parade of Homes houses. It is very popular now in bedrooms too. 

Cute little black and hot pink girl's bedroom I loved. The architecture was so interesting where all the points meet. I would have chosen white plantation shutters though. This room could have been much brighter. I did the same thing with wood blinds in my home when we remodeled and it darkens the rooms. I'll always go with white in the future.

These were Lovely homes every one we visited. There is so much to see, with cute little decorative spots showing some swag everywhere you look. I always love the Parade of Homes. I will be visiting next the Salt Lake City Parade of Homes in a  week. I wonder what new and exciting things I'll see there?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Parade of Homes Alpine Utah Part 6

This Parade of Homes in Alpine, Utah was one of my very favorite homes. It was a multi-million dollar home. And you can see why. It was really gorgeous!
I would love to have a pool, putting green, firepit, basketball court, backyard like these guys will have. I was coveting their backyard! Who wouldn't? But there is more. 

The kitchen was really neat too. I loved the ceiling in this kitchen. It was cool. I loved everything in this house. I'd move in tomorrow if I could. You'd find me lying by the pool. 

The gray and blue color scheme with lots of natural elements throughout the house appealed to me. I loved this pretty laundry room. I probably wouldn't mind doing the laundry so much if I had a room like this. Well....maybe not. I'd still hate laundry. 

But these beautiful things would make it a less hateful task....yup. 

Isn't this a cute little corner table? I loved it. Parade of Homes Alpine, Utah was  so much fun! 

This was a cute bedroom, I loved the striped wallpainting and the architecture. 

Cool nautical colors and some cool graphics on the walls. 

Another beauty of a bedroom in red, white and black. I love this color combo. Red IS my favorite color you know! And a nice view of the pool and sport court. 

Pretty bathroom with the hammered copper sink. I always wanted one of these. But when it came time to redo both my bathrooms I wanted granite sinks instead. Go figure. I like rock! 

My granite is easy to keep clean....this copper...I bet not so much. Granite hides everything. As in....my lack of bathroom sink cleaning......snicker......

This little cubbyhole had all 3 of my grandkids wanting to get in there and play. It had a game system with a T.V. and some cute and comfy seating for kids. And it's all in its own little noise closet. What a GREAT IDEA. 

This must be the adult hang out, or the man cave or something. It looks like a good place to watch sports. 

Right next to the downstairs kitchen off the pool was really cute and kind of retro looking to me. It had lots of metal accents and Coke accents. 

I remember really liking the floor. It looked like stained and polished concrete. But I could be wrong.
There were lots of fun things to do in this house. The ping pong and shuffle board tables were decorated with BYU sports memorabilia and a giant Y flag and painted icon. These were definitely NOT Utes Fans. :-O

Back to the Pool......dontcha wanna go swimming yet? I do......sniff sniff....

My granddaughter looking longingly into the pool. It was such a hot day and this was just so gorgeous! I feel her pain.  My granddaughter who is only 5 kept asking "If I save up all my dollars can't WE buy this house?"   So cute. 

This was a really original looking sink. I've never seen one like this. It was cool. 

Pool changing room with lots of cupboards and towel storage. 

Game room again with the T.V.s in the background. 

This led into the movie room I think. Little drinking fountain was cute. These doors, or a variation of these train car style doors were in all the parade of homes houses that we looked at. I love them. I want to do them somewhere in my house. 

Kiddie game table in the corner. Uno anybody? 

This was a really cool T.V. Movie room. There was this bar up top as you walk in with canisters of candy and some neato neon lighting. You could sit up here and have a snack or drink your cokes while watching the game. 

Hey, they like the same kind of candy we do! Sour Patch Kids are the bomb! And Reeses Pieces are foods of the gods! There will be Reeses in heaven, I'm sure of it. And it won't have ANY calories either! 

Movie room full of comfy seating and a BIG, GIANT screen. It must have been more like 100 inches. 

Now one of the best parts of this house was the grandkids area. Here is just a sneak peek. It started with these two giant treehouse bookcases, then a big screen, and a gaming system under the comfy couch settee. 
All around this area was a grandkid's play paradise! I took more than 25 pictures just of the grandkids area. It was so darling. My grandkids went gaga over it. They were running all through it squealing with delight. There was a Lego room, a Post Office, a Doll Hair Salon, just to name a few. 

Here is a game system for them to play on the big screen T.V. I guess this would be for the bigger kids that are not quite teens. But what if your grandkids are just in kinder or 1st grade, you ask? Well lookie here... we have something for everybody in this house! Super fun. 

It's a double-decker fun palace! If you want to see the rest of it I'll post the rest tomorrow. But here is a little bit of the little village of fun houses. Can you even imagine how much fun winters would be if your kids just played here in the playhouses? Yes, it would be heaven. I loved this Parade of Homes, Alpine home. It was my favorite. 


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