Friday, March 21, 2014

Ice Castles in Midway, Utah

We had fun at the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah a few weeks ago. 

 Tiff and Gary invited us so we all piled into the van and went on a Saturday road trip!
 Johnny brought his camera and so did I. We got some great pictures!
I loved seeing the ice castles at Midway, Utah. They were lovely. 

Megan and Marisa loved seeing the FROZEN Princesses.....

I got this cute picture....Marisa was too shy to be in it with the princesses. Meg was in heaven! 

Can you see the carved heart in this beautiful section of ice? 

Here's a close up. This would have made a cute picture backdrop. 

They had some cool caves where the sun streamed through a tiny bit....it gave an eerie blue hue to everything. 

Gary and Dylan liked it too. 

The princess were a real hit with the kids that were there.....

Tiff's family 
I took this pic of Marisa standing under a big wad of ice....it looked a little scary! 

I wondered what would happen if this huge chunk decided to fall down on top of them! Probably nothing. They'd start playing in it most likely! 

They were hiding from the Frozen princesses. 

Megan's coming down this little slide, Marisa is telling me her butt is all wet! haha! 

Here we all are coming out the other side. It was a lot of fun. 

Grandpa liked it even! You have to go see it once! 

Then we went into town to see some of the cute Midway shops. It is a very quaint, cute town! 

We got burgers and fries and chicken strips from Dairy Keen, a highly recommended restaurant in town. It has a cute train theme with a train that runs all around the ceiling, and train models and seats outside. The kids loved the ice cream. I loved the shakes! 

It was a very fun day! 

These kinds of days make life worth living. Go out and do something different today! 

This should be on everybody's bucket list. Down the street is the Crater. I highly recommend it too. It is a natural hot pool. It is beautiful to go from snow to a hot pool surrounded by a big, cement bubble. It is steamy and fun. Try it out! HERE is a Groupon Coupon for $22.00 for the Crater.

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