Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easter Decorating Fun

Well we are having fun ....decorating the little kiddie table with Peter Rabbit stuff...

My new colors for the living room remodel. I am going with sage green and coral. Now I just need a rug I like. Maybe with a chevron stripe, if that hasn't been done to death already! :D
I got out all the Easter Decorations last Saturday...And so I've
spent some time decorating this week. I'm almost done! 

I'm looking at paint swatches for the stucco job that is starting outdoors. We are almost entirely done with the inside of my house. Just the living room is left. We've done 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen, a den, and a basement and greatroom. Now the living room is all that is left. 

I gotta take a break from all the decisions to make....and go decorate....here's the coffee table decorations....

The living room looks cute....but everything is so 80s plaid and dusty blue! It really needs a facelift. So I'm getting some new paint, couches and color scheme! Yay! 
Kitchen Table decorations...super cute! 

I got new placemats this year....they look really springy

Changed out the Winter floral for spring flowers and little glittery eggs....

I have some pink ribbons I still have to change out here....I have the fall colored ribbons up still...

Cute new Easter napkins in the holder....

And I filled my little glass jars with eggs and candies and added my egg dishes to the plate rack...I almost
have little plates for every season now....

Little pastel taffy would have looked cuter than tootsie pops though...
I have pastel blue and sage green plates I'll have to choose from when I set the table...

Got out the Spring Flowers too...

Front entry table...I love the cute Happy Easter I just got from Tai Pan...and the little ceramic dotted egg...

I got the cute egg runner last year and the cute, white egg candle at Kohls after the season sale... I think I've got
an egg theme going on here.....I love it! 

Mr and Mrs. Bunny....too bad my dog Brucie bit the boy bunny's eyeball out!  He's a devious dog. Sometimes
we call him Brucifer when he's naughty like that...he can be a bully to stuffed animals he doesn't like...

spring flowers too....and lots of bunnies and eggs....

I love this picture of my granddaughter Marisa.....she's my little bunny....
And I had some fun candy for this bunny dish but guess who ate it all? ....snicker....

I used to have a collection of these beautiful mercury glass eggs...till little kiddos loved them too much and cracked them...

But GOOD NEWS! I found 4 new ones this year at T.J. Maxx!

 I LOVED these mercury eggs I found at T. J. Maxx.  The colors match my new living room decor colors too!
I'll have to find a pretty basket to put my new mercury eggs in.....and I just LOVE this pretty coral and sage green pillow. These are my new living room colors. I need to find a rug I like and some cream colored or light tan couches I like. 
Spring floral arrangement in the corner....I think I'm all ready for Easter finally....I'll just close the door
on the room that looks like a bomb blew off in there....

My little grand kids  Peter Rabbit table...I got the table for $28 bucks at Down Home East
and the decorations for 40% off at Pottery Barn Kids....Plates and utensils  from Target $1.00

Easter Decorating is so much fun!

Happy Easter!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Ice Castles in Midway, Utah

We had fun at the Ice Castles in Midway, Utah a few weeks ago. 

 Tiff and Gary invited us so we all piled into the van and went on a Saturday road trip!
 Johnny brought his camera and so did I. We got some great pictures!
I loved seeing the ice castles at Midway, Utah. They were lovely. 

Megan and Marisa loved seeing the FROZEN Princesses.....

I got this cute picture....Marisa was too shy to be in it with the princesses. Meg was in heaven! 

Can you see the carved heart in this beautiful section of ice? 

Here's a close up. This would have made a cute picture backdrop. 

They had some cool caves where the sun streamed through a tiny bit....it gave an eerie blue hue to everything. 

Gary and Dylan liked it too. 

The princess were a real hit with the kids that were there.....

Tiff's family 
I took this pic of Marisa standing under a big wad of ice....it looked a little scary! 

I wondered what would happen if this huge chunk decided to fall down on top of them! Probably nothing. They'd start playing in it most likely! 

They were hiding from the Frozen princesses. 

Megan's coming down this little slide, Marisa is telling me her butt is all wet! haha! 

Here we all are coming out the other side. It was a lot of fun. 

Grandpa liked it even! You have to go see it once! 

Then we went into town to see some of the cute Midway shops. It is a very quaint, cute town! 

We got burgers and fries and chicken strips from Dairy Keen, a highly recommended restaurant in town. It has a cute train theme with a train that runs all around the ceiling, and train models and seats outside. The kids loved the ice cream. I loved the shakes! 

It was a very fun day! 

These kinds of days make life worth living. Go out and do something different today! 

This should be on everybody's bucket list. Down the street is the Crater. I highly recommend it too. It is a natural hot pool. It is beautiful to go from snow to a hot pool surrounded by a big, cement bubble. It is steamy and fun. Try it out! HERE is a Groupon Coupon for $22.00 for the Crater.


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