Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Super Bowl Fun!

Who Will WIN the SUPER BOWL on Sunday? 

Well, we have voted for our favorite teams for the SUPER BOWL game Sunday. My class seems to think Seattle Seahawks will take the day! I reminded them that the losers have to do 12 push ups. I have done my push ups many a year when I chose and voted wrong!
Are YOU going to ROOT for my team? 
This little girl LOVES BYU! GO, FIGHT, WIN! 
We had written about our favorite football teams and made little cheerleaders and football players. I wish I had time to do it this year again. It was a lot of fun!
So in honor of the super bowl, how about I make the hubs some football pancakes for breakfast to go along with his sausage and eggs.  Cute right? 
HERE is a cute Football Player Printout. that gave me the idea for these cute football outfits the kids made.

HERE are also some of my favorite football snack recipes. Gotta love a good pig in a blanket right?
I made this brie cheese baked in a puff pastry last year during the Super Bowl...it's so easy and yummy!
The recipe is on the Puff Pastry website as well as a video How To Do Puff Pastry.  

And you can't beat a Texas Caviar dip (black bean and corn salsa) . Recipes is  HERE.

What is YOUR favorite football team? Seattle Seahawks? Denver Broncos? 
 Lots of BYU BLUE represented for sure!  Rise and Shout the Cougars are OUT!
Make Your Own Wraps are always a great Party Food Option, especially for those health conscious sports fans....and guys always love any kind of mini sandwich on hogie breads. Or you can make them on white dinner rolls. 
Or make a homemade pizza or two are always appreciated...YUMM......check it out HERE.

Pizzas are always great for a Football Party Snack. You can't go wrong!  Make your own in your little cast iron fry pans! 
The girls had a "pom pom" added to their outfits.....
The boys had a football added to their outfits...... I know, I'm not very PC am I?

Gotta Love some Football chocolate cookies, now don't ya? Get a tablecloth from the dollar store or a party store. I got a bunch of stuff after the Super Bowl last year on clearance, so I'm set!

Ya just gotta love those "cleats" now dontcha? 
 A free printable of the FOOTBALL subway art is below. It's cute at the house for a football party, and it is cute on a bulletin board too! HERE is a Football Printable   Football helmet printables football helmet printables HERE
I hope the Utes don't blow us away! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 
f_foot.gif (11231 bytes)
Cute Football Player color and cut-out activity great for little kiddos....
One more thing I found that I thought would be a fun thing to do for my grandkids to keep them busy during the games coming up. They love to color and cut out things like paper dolls. So how about a paper football player? Maybe in team colors! Making Friends.com has the download.
Football Subway Art 
Martha Stewart had a few "Football Snacks" that looked kinda delicious to serve at your Football Tailgate Party too ! Check them out at Martha Stewart's website. I love little smokies in a piggy blanket! Yummy. Have fun with the football fanatics at your house! 

Touchdown Treats

Cute little football player cupcakes would be so fun for the kids at a Super Bowl Party.....not to mention the big, male kids who are attending the party!!! lol..... you know who you are! 
HERE at the Family Fun website I found these cute cupcake football players I thought would be super cute to make for a Super Bowl Get together......M and Ms for the eyes and yellow buttons, black skinny licorice for the facemask.  Kids would LOVE these.
Football Cupcake
But they would also love these football cupcakes! These are also from FAMILY FUN HERE.
If my son Devin were in town he'd want me to make him some Buffalo Chicken Tenders too. Check out the recipe HERE.  Well, we are going to go to a super bowl party on Sunday. I hope I picked the winner!

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