Friday, December 27, 2013

Pretty Red Tutus and Winter Dance Recital 2013

My cute little granddaughters were beautiful dancing in their Winter Dance Recital 2013!  

 The girls started out by dancing a jazz number with these little sequined and ruffled tops in red and silver. It was a totally darling dance!
The dance was super cute, as were they! They knew the moves! They've got skills! 
There was lots of sashaying around the place....
They had these cute little tan, jazz shoes. And they are getting really good at dance. 
Grandpa and Gary and Dylan were also in the audience. Gary took the day off from work.  Tiff was taking movies and I was taking pictures. The men were totally engrossed in what was happening as you can well imagine! lol. 

Mom did their hair and makeup all cute for them. They had some glitter in their curled hair and got to wear red lipstick too. So fun! 

I had to snap some pictures by the tree when we came home to eat lunch between the jazz recital and the ballet one in the afternoon. 
I think these guys would have rather been watching football! But aren't they so cute anyway? Yes they are! 
The next number was a ballet in red tutus and pink tights. It was so pretty! I loved the Christmas silver and red....so beautiful.... 
The girls were really graceful and sweet! Gotta love that concentration with the tongue out. I do that too when I concentrate. 
Cute little poses next to the Christmas tree. I loved this shot. It might be going on my picture wall of fame. 

and this one with my little ballerina...... I loved their little updo hairstyles too. 
And this one with tiny dancer  Meg...super cute! 

She was one of the smallest little girls in the group. But she did a great job. 
I'm so lucky I have this little bruiser to hug and cuddle too! As well as his big sis. 

I was very proud of these girls....

They were so excited and it was very exciting for me to watch. I have always loved dance, being a dancer in high school and getting a dance scholarship to BYU Idaho. I remember the performance excitement. It's fun to relive that through grandkids! 
Tiff danced in high school too. It's a family legacy! Cute little tiny dancers! 

It was a really nice day in December. I love you little ballerinas!

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