Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Decorating

I got some fun new stuff for my house for my favorite holiday...Halloween! 

And I spread it all over the place decorating for Halloween!  Here is my front entry table... Trick or Treat! 

The skeleton dish and candle are new, and the glass Happy Halloween plate are new too... I love this purple and black decor! 
And who can resist Helga the Witch? She keeps the candy safe till Halloween....(well not really since I am a candy freak I swipe what I can get! nothing is safe around me.....) 
Witch Helga is relegated to the corner of my living room for now! 
In my classroom we made these cool skeletons and candy corn art with tissue paper. Tutorial is HERE for the Skeleton.

Here are my 3 little pumpkins last year at Gardner Village Witch Scavenger Hunt.

Dried apple witch head dolls are an easy and fun crafty decoration for any room in the house. But mostly little kids love them. Check them out with a tutorial I made HERE.

I LOVE this cute candy corn decoration made from yarn and an inverted snow cone paper cone. You could also make it with just cardstock twirled into a cone shape. I love it with the wiggly eyes and mouth! This was from Craft Passion.
My daughter did a simple table decoration with candy corn. She placed a long, thin, glass inside the canister then filled the outside edges with candy corn. 
Then she added these cute pumpkin chair backs for Halloween decor.....
Here is my table decor. I got black plates last year.  The centerpiece was a birthday present from my daughter...she has good taste. Thanks Tiffany! 
I think I'll take this Halloween centerpiece to school so my little second graders can enjoy it!  
Cute salt and pepper shakers from Pier 1 Imports....I love them so much! 
Well the kitchen is done....now on to the other rooms....Halloween Decorating is so much fun!  
I got a set of these glass orange beads, glass black bats and glass white ghosts to sprinkle around my Halloween Table Decor....isn't it sweet?  That was Pier 1 again.  This would be a fun fall gift I think too. Everybody who sees them thinks they are so cute!  I think so too! 

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