Monday, September 30, 2013

Why I like James Altucher and Oddballs in General

I have always been different. Call me an oddball if you want. I choose to call myself creative. I'm messy sometimes, passionate about things, opinionated, I gravitate to beauty in its many forms. I hate camping but I love roasting marshmallows over a campfire. I abhor hiking with a 25 pound pack on my back but love walking around a lake (just don't call it hiking or I may stab you with my hot dog skewer used for aforementioned marshmallow cooking). I love decorating my entire house and classroom for holidays but most actual holidays stress me out. I think I like the idea of the beautiful holiday home, but planning the events holidays require can be stressful for the party planner person. And I love a good party. I have a love/hate relationship with holidays. I sometimes love being the life of the party and lately I want to stay home from the party. I don't know why. Maybe it's too much effort to get all dressed up anymore.  I am odd. I love to be creative. But I don't like the details. I love to teach school, I hate dealing with the report cards. I love getting new stuff, but I hate seeing the bill. I hate laundry but I'm always bringing home too many new clothes. I am not logical. I am odd. I know this.
I want one of these wild hogs someday. In the meantime maybe I'll just get a hot pink Vespa. :D 

I love fellow oddballs like myself. I love creative people who are a little bit like Monk; Weird but smart and a little OCD at the same time. I have a prejudice against people who are slow talkers, slow processors, and slow drivers. I absolutely couldn't be friends with a slow talker. (or the person who voted for Obama because that person is a big dummy).  I like the person who can finish my sentences and who thinks quick. I love shows like Gilmore Girls, Suits, White Collar, where the dialogue is so fast paced you missed stuff if you were not paying attention. (although it almost killed me when I heard the star of White Collar, Matt Bomer was gay. BUT WHY OH WHY did you have to tell us that U.S. Weekly, WHY!?#%  http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/white-collar-star-matt-bomer-im-gay-2012132
White Collar Star Matt Bomer: I'm Gay
One of the TRULY finger-licking, good-looking men.....why are you going to the dark side, WHY?? 
I loathe getting stuck behind a slow old grandma driver especially when I'm in a hurry. Is there anything worse on this green earth? I don't think there is. I'd rather have my fingernails pulled out with pliers! I'd want to scratch my eyeballs out! I'd want to jump out of my skin. The other day there was one of these grannies at the gas station deciding how and which pump she was going to. She backed forward a little then backed up then changed her mind going 5 miles an hour. By the time she had decided what the "bleep" she was doing I almost yelled swear words out the window. Then I saw who it was. It was the wife of a pastor/leader at church. Good thing I kept the swearing to inside of my head, right? I also like people who swear inside their heads. I just like you. You are part of my posse.

Here is a little part of my posse too.   :D 
More of my posse....
And since tomorrow is my birthday I decided to give everybody a little gift. Here it is. I sent one of this guy's posts to my hubs like 6 months ago and he's gotten a kick out of him too. So here is your little gift for the day.  I highly recommend this guy's blog. He is funny most of the time, quick witted, tells it like it is bluntly.

I love those kind of people because I relate to them. I'm not diplomatic. I'm blunt. I like my kind I guess. Sometimes he is an ignorant boob but aren't we all at times? He is never apologetic about it either. But he is always refreshing, NOT politically correct, and he has some good advice....all except the part about not ever buying a house. He's dead wrong there. I'm buying a 3rd house as soon as I pay off house #1 which is within the year. But I still like him. But not as much as I like the Pottery Barn Catalog that comes to my house every few months. I really love that.

Who wouldn't like sitting at this Halloween dinner table? My grandkids would! Yup! 
His name is James Altucher. He gets like 5 billion hits on his blog a month and I get about 25,000 on all my blogs combined, so of course he's one of my idols. He has been everything from a fake Psychic to thrown out of graduate school. He is odd. But he is entertaining. He sometimes writes things that tickle my funnybone. He's a fellow oddball with a creative bent. I like him. Check him out.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Meet Chelsea!

Introducing Miss Chelsea Anne Moss, our newest family member! She is a little doll!
She was born last week and she weighed in at 8 pounds 3 ounces. I think her daddy was just one ounce off of that. What a coincidence!
We had Josie swimming with us and the girls at Cowabunga Bay the day she was born. So when visiting hours arrived we got to see her seeing her sister for the first time. It sure was cute.  

 She was funny when she kept finding little bugs on the ground. Here she found a tiny little caterpillar.

 She found another bug a minute later. It was BUG MANIA! But really good weather. lol.
She found a Grasshopper too. It was pretty funny because it was all in like a 5 minute stretch of time!

She had a good time with her cousins at the last day of the season at Cowabunga Bay. It's a really fun place we have enjoyed so much this year as a family. I love this picture.  
Grandma Robin got there the same time we got there. So we snapped pictures of each other holding our new grandbaby Chelsea. She is a lot more photogenic than I am. She is a teacher too. We always have loads to talk about whenever we get together. Wendy used to be a teacher too before she had kids. We love to talk teacher stuff. 
Uncles and Aunts came too! Here is Wendy's sister Amy and her husband Robert. He teaches school too. We are a family of elementary school teachers.  

I love this picture I snapped at the pretty mom and the cute big sista.  

Here is my handsome son holding his daughter's hand while she holds her sister in her arms......sweetness overload! 

Jeff gave Josie some sparkling cider to celebrate the new baby sister she has!! 

Grandpa Michelson holding Chelsea for the first time. 

I love this picture of her. She is saying, "Okay you guys, I'm kind of tired now, let me go back to sleep already!" 

 Josie meeting Chelsea. "We will have some good times together!" she is thinking.....

 It is such a miracle having a baby. It is an exciting thing for any family. I am so happy for my oldest son and his cute and healthy new little one. We are very blessed. Yes we are.

I got to hold her the longest. I already love her. (sounds of kisses)....


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