Wednesday, August 14, 2013


We used to watch Ashton Kutcher when my kids were little on That 70's Show. He played the goofball teen who was always trying to figure things out....kind of the airhead kid whose elevator didn't always get up to the top floor.... 

But the other night on the #TeenChoice Awards Show he really impressed me with his acceptance speech. He talked about how "opportunity looks a lot like #hardwork". How refreshing to have someone who has become a superstar with teens, give them such great advice. Ashton, you ROCK man!

There were girls screaming in the background with every word out of his mouth. But I really liked that he used HIS opportunity to teach kids something about life. He told them to "be smart, generous and thoughtful, because that's what makes a person sexy". And that everything else is crap.  I don't know about that. I think jeans with sparkles on the butt are sexy. LOL. But I love thoughtful people. It makes them a lot more loveable. Remember how many followers he has on twitter? He's probably going to get a lot more now. Maybe even some soccer moms!

And lastly, he talked about playing #SteveJobs in the film he recently made. He said he got to learn some great quotes from Jobs, who was always an original, and most likely, an actual genius.
 He paraphrased #SteveJobs about "not just living inside somebody else's "box" or idea of a life,  but making, creating your own life, building it the way YOU want it to be." Sounds like a "Jobsism" to me.

I think he hit upon the essence of happiness in a short, 5 minute speech. What a Good job #AshtonKutcher. It's no wonder people follow you around like you're the Pied Piper.
#AshtonKutcher'Speech at the Teen Choice Awards 2013 was super impressive. You've got a lot going for you, man! And as role models for kids go, You impressed the HECK outta me! I might just be your newest Twitter follower. 

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