Saturday, March 30, 2013

Trip to Chicago and Lena's Blessing

This was my favorite picture from my trip. Me and baby Lena, my newest granddaughter smiling for the camera. 
 We went to her baby blessing in Chicago last weekend. It was neat to also hear Devin Moss give a talk at church. He's an awesome speaker. It makes a mama proud!
Here is Grandpa Moss, Lena and Devin Moss, proud papa. 
 Caitlin prepared an excellent lunch for us all, pulled pork sliders with cole slaw, potato salad and strawberry green salad with raspberry vinaigrette. It was super yummy!
 She is a really good cook and the apartment is decorated super cute. I loved it. 
On Monday we decided to go brave the light snow in downtown Windy City Chicago and go see the Shedd Aquarium.

But when we got there here was the line coming out the door with about 200 people waiting outside!!. Little did we know it was discount day at Shedd Aquarium. Boy was it crowded. But we still had fun. And we got a $40.00 discount! Woo Hoo! 
The view of Lake Michigan and the cityscape right outside the museum and aquarium complex. 

My son Devin is super handsome. He looks cute in his snow hat doesn't he? Yes he's a cutie.

I was just captivated by these beautiful Amazon rainforest tree frogs. We study these in my 2nd grade classroom but I haven't seen such colorful ones in a long time. So tiny and cute! 

And these sea horses were just adorable! Would you love to have these for pets? 
 This crab not so much, it was HUGE! Well, I might like it steamed on my dinner plate! 
 They had a huge exhibit of Jellies. I got a few good pictures. 
 We enjoyed sauntering around. It was a neat aquarium. And Lena slept almost the whole time we were there. What a good baby!
I think this was a chameleon. But we saw geckos too. 
 A charming big green iguana. I am fascinated by reptiles that can't hurt me because they are behind glass. lol.

 Oh HERE is the gecko. He was super cute.

 I think this is one of the jelly fish exhibits I took a movie of.
 We went out to eat at a few places. This one was of course, an Italian, Chicago style pizza place.
We walked everywhere. Parking is like $31.00 for a DAY! Can you believe I saw a squirrel in this tree in the city? 
The blessing dress was a family heirloom from the McCain side of the family. It was very beautiful and handmade by Cait's grandmother, Lena's great grandma. I loved it. 

It was great to see these two doing well in a town all on their own, no family. I'm very proud of them. And Devin just got a raise and promotion after 7 months on the job! Woo Hoo! 
Little Lena is the perfect baby. Pink and sweet smelling and she didn't make a peep the whole  time we were there.  Good Job Caitlin and Devin. We loved seeing your city and your new little one. 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

St. Patricks Day Decorating

St. Patrick's Day is coming up SOON! 
This is one my favorite months of the year. My family were all IRISH! And my mom was an Irish Catholic. We REALLY celebrated St. Patrick's Day every year. I remember dinners where she would actually give us kids a bit of wine with 7 up to toast to some of her favorite SAINTS. 
Those are happy memories of sitting in the formal dining room with my 5 siblings cracking jokes and eating yummy food. I love St. Patrick's DAY!  

I don't have very many decorations for it but I always do at least my entry table and my dining room table in honor of my mother and her love of St. Patrick's Day.  I also decorate my classroom in Shamrocks, leprechauns and GREEN, glittery stuff and of course GOLD wrapped chocolates! 

So in honor of the lucky leprechauns out there, I turned my kitchen and entry hall into a bit o'green today!

And here is my classroom....we've gone green there too. 
My kitchen table is very lucky too. But alas, I have eaten all of those peanut butter cups you see there. I'm not very good at avoiding the gold when I know there is chocolate stuff inside! 

 Happy St. Patrick's Day! And may the LUCK of the IRISH always be with you!


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