Sunday, December 9, 2012

Polar Express in Linden Utah

The Stringtown Polar Express is in Lindon, Utah. We rode the train last Thursday. It was a fun family event. 
Here we are riding the Polar Express...super fun time. 
 Uncle Dennis acts as the conductor sometimes. We had him as our conductor last time we rode the train. But this time was his night off.
But he signed us up anyway. He's a good uncle and a very nice man.  He is my hub's brother. 
Here are my kids and I riding. Jeff is on his phone checking messages lol... those kids and their phones. I just don't get it. My phone is always dead for that very reason. Talk to people in the HERE AND NOW! Live your life! 
My darling little Megan....she had a fun visit at Santa's workshop. They stop halfway through the train ride and you get to go in and visit and get a candy cane. 
Marisa and Santa Claus. The workshop is really decorated up cute.  
And there is a giant train that drives around inside Santa's workshop. The girls were mesmerized by it. 
Mrs. Claus is there too. She and the elves pass out the little necklaces with a  jingle bell. Then we sing a few
Christmas carols together. 
Here the girls are getting their little necklaces and a candy cane from Santa. 
Shakin the bells to the song Jingle Bells....so sweet!  I so appreciate the Linden  community for doing this excellent Christmas service to us all. It is a wonderful and fun, free activity. You can sign up to go HERE at the Stringtown USA website.  They have a sign up and directions. 
We saw some beautiful scenery depicting the Christmas story as we rode around the 4 acre or so property. 
Many of the scenes were of Santa but some were of Christ, the manger scene (which turned out too blurry to show...) and others about the Life of Christ. 
Here we are almost to Santa's Workshop. This is one of the cute blow ups they have all over as well as music piped into your train car (Celene Dion and Josh Grobin) and colored light displays all over. 

Then as you leave there are tables set up to send a message to a missionary around the world serving  by teaching people the gospel.  Or a place for the little kids to jump on a giant trampoline.  The little girls chose the tramp. 

Jeff and Josie jumping together. She wanted to do it herself. She's getting so big now! Look at that cute frown!  lol 
I didn't get a good one of Josie with Santa tho. .....bummer......She is still a little wary of him at age 2. 
Tiff and the girls. 
Our whole family waiting to check in....they show the Tom Hanks version of the animated movie Polar Express in a giant garage screening room. It was great! Christmas trees decorated the front of the room with colored lights all over. 
It is a really fun time. Thanks again Stringtown USA. You rock!  

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