Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bear Lake Quad Riding

Our family is setting the goal of individual quads so that everybody can ride together someday.

My granddaughters are a couple of tough cookies.  They are up on the back seats. When we get on the bumpy roads, they just get knocked all over but don't even complain. I can see into the future and they'll probably be BMX racers or something someday.

So we started with 2 quads that John and I rode. Then Gary and Tiff got 2 more quads. Now we just need 2 more quads so we will have 6 so when we are all together, everybody can go 4 wheeling together! Here we are.....Ohhhhh.. rockin' down the highway...
  (singing with my best Doobie Brothers lip synch)

  Devin is having a new baby. Well, Caitlin is having the baby. So probably no quads for them for awhile. Devin's gonna be buying cribs and  diapers with all his new paychecks. :D Plus he moved to Chicago. So we will miss him quad riding with us....Waaaaahhhh!

So last Saturday we were all packed up and ready to go off into the wild blue wilderness above Bear Lake. Jeff and Wendy were going up this weekend with her siblings, so they didn't meet up with us this time. And we missed them too. Whaaa. (me doing my crybaby voice)

        John's bike is more powerful than mine. It's a 300 and mine is only a 250. So I'm usually at the back (plus everybody else likes going FAST).  But I got some good camera shots in that way.  Even tho my photog skills are not great.

I got ahead of Tiff so I turned around and snapped this shot.... YEE HA! 
 Boy those clouds looked soooooo pretty! All day I was just admiring those fluffy white clouds!

    We had to stop and go find a "potty place" for Meg. :D She's such a trooper!  She's my sidekick.

               Marisa loved being on the back of her daddy's quad. She's got a cool, new helmet too!

We are really on top of the world here, me, my daughter Tiff and my granddaughters Meg and Marisa. We had a 360 view all around us of mountains, hills, water and lots of cabins down below us. It's a great place to stop and picnic.  But we didn't have any food. So we got back on and kept going. 

                 I'm at the end of the pack going up the hill....but I was keeping up pretty good.
But, alas, on the downhills, I just have to slow down and enjoy the view.Wouldn't you do that too?  Oh yeah, nature at its very best. I love a blue water lake.  And Bear Lake...... well.....it's just my favorite blue water place on earth.


  1. Really Enjoyed browsing your blog. Wish my husband would hike with me.

  2. Hike as a whole family on YOUR birthday. Then he will see how much fun it is AND he can't argue about going since.....well....it's your BIRTHDAY! We all went cycling on my hub's bday and I don't love it. But we all had fun making a memory. :D


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