Monday, April 30, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

Every year around this time I find the need to go see something breathtakingly beautiful.
Maybe it is because school is in its last month, and it is hard to do the home stretch of school for some teachers....Like me.   I hate it and I love it at the same time when school comes to an end.
 You can probably guess why I love it, summer vacation and all..... but I hate it too.  It's like a fun party that is now over. That's how it feels for me.  I love my job. I love teaching little kids. It's the greatest job on earth. 
 Even though mine is WAY down on the list of The 100 Best Jobs in America.....CHECK it out! My job, Elementary school teacher, #92, isn't as good as a Funeral Director's, but is a tad better than a sewage plant operator! LOL
This year will be particularly hard for me because I've taught most of  these darling kids for 2 years and I love them all. 

So I go to find beauty in the world somewhere......and here it is at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.
If you need a lift....go see a beautiful flower garden....it will  light up your life!  JUST LOOK AT IT!!!  
How could you not feel joy looking at yards and yards of this? 
As I walked from one garden to another I kept thinking, "Well, now THIS one is my favorite....no, no....now THIS one is!" 
 I had planted tulips in my own garden for the first time this year...and they came up as such a lovely surprise just after winter....right as the last snow was just melting....
But the deer in our neighborhood found them a week later and ate all the beautiful, red tops off!!! 
Now I'm just left with the leaves and stems....it's pretty funny looking....
But these tulip gardens are simply breathtaking, and there is a glorious  riot of color everywhere....
I love it at Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival....it's only at the beginning of April every year....it lasts for just a few weeks!
And then it is gone.  Just like Spring in Utah. I dragged the hubs even though he has a bad knee and can't walk for long...
But he is such a trooper anyway because he knows how much I love being there....
It's like Disneyland for a flower lover.....
In the gift shop I loved this wall of clocks.....everything was very expensive there.....We saw an $8,000 couch.  Yeah, I don't think we will be buying our furniture there....
I think this was my true favorite....purple, white and red.....
Did I tell you red was my favorite color? 
We got a nice stranger to snap this pic...the hubs and I. 
Then we drove out to Wendover the the Peppermill Concert Hall to see Dana Carvey's comedy show. Gotta love the church lady.  It was so funny I  laughted till I cried! These kinds of things make life worth livin.....
Beauty and Laughter...2 of the best things in life. 


  1. How gorgeous! I'm sitting out here in the Arizona desert and I am truly envying you :)

  2. LOL. Yeah that would be hard, all that harsh dry weather would do me in I believe. Come visit Utah. The 4 seasons do show themselves here.


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