Sunday, March 25, 2012

Resurrection Easter Eggs

The Resurrection of Christ....the greatest event to ever take place for us....
I have SO loved this idea since getting it once in a lesson on the great sacrifice of our Savior and His Atonement. I have used the Resurrection Easter Eggs around the Easter dinner table in my family. I've used it teaching teenagers in Sunday School and in a Family Night. It is a good reminder for me of what my Savior did for all of us.

Kids love object lessons. And this easter egg "signs of the Savior's Sacrifice for us" is a great object lesson for kids and adults alike.  Every year, when I've taken out my little basket of 12 numbered, plastic eggs I've got a tear in my eye. I love the Savior. I believe in Him with all my heart. And I know in whom I have trusted.
If you want to hear a great talk check it out HERE.

In this chaotic life we are all a part of, it is a simple and clear walk through the steps to the Savior's crucifiction and  resurrection, easily understood.

I remember as a young child going to Catholic school. We would attend church the week before Easter and go to something called "Stations of the Cross".  It was my favorite thing I ever did as a Catholic. There were 12 areas around the inside of the church where 12 parts of the Crucifiction of Christ were depicted in art. We would go around to each one as a classroom, and say a prayer while somebody told us what was happening in the picture.  I attach great emotion to these memories. Even though I was a little kid, I knew what was happening. And it always made me feel sad.

I love this painting depicting the sacrifice our Savior made for us....
  Why not recognize the greatest sacrifice ever made,  given by the greatest who ever lived among us on the National holiday of Easter?   Try to honor the Savior this Easter in some small way. Maybe by restudying the Atonement of Christ, and sharing it with family. That's my simple and heartfelt message.
Another favorite painting of mine...I'm looking for a big copy of it to put in my greatroom remodel...it says to me...."I will look for you  when you  are lost...even though you are odd, different, ugly, damaged"  His love for us, evident.
The Resurrection Easter eggs can be put together using this easy tutorial HERE at Serving Pink Lemonade's blog. . Use stuff around the house to fill your eggs. Another with a LIST is HERE at scribd.com. I actually like both of them. You could do a combination of both lists. I would skip the vinegar though, yucky :D.  A third lists is here copied from Yahoo Voices.

Egg #1: (palm) Jesus rode into Jerusalem and the people waved palm branches. Matthew 21:1-11
Egg #2: (cotton ball with cologne on it) Mary poured perfume on Jesus' feet. John 12:3
Egg #3: (bread) Jesus shared the Last Supper with His disciples. Matthew 26:26
Egg #4: (coins) Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Matthew 26: 14-15
Egg #5: (a thorny stick) Soldiers placed a crown of thorns on Jesus' head. John 19:2
Egg #6: (cross made from toothpicks) Jesus carried His own cross. John 19:17
Egg #7: (dice) Soldiers took Jesus' clothes from him and cast lots for them. John 19:24
Egg #8: (nail) Jesus was nailed to the cross. John 19:18
Egg #9: (sponge) They gave Jesus vinegar mixed with gall to drink. Matthew 27:34
Egg #10: (whole cloves) Spices are used to prepare Jesus for burial. John 19:40
Egg #11: (rock) The stone covering to Jesus' tomb was rolled away. Matthew 28:2
Egg #12: (empty) He is not here He has risen! Matthew 28:6

 Read the scripture  and show what object is inside and explain what part it played in the Easter story.
This picture is from another bogger Beyond Sippy Cups HERE.

 I loved getting this for my family. It has made a big difference in my life and my family's too I believe. I just got out my Easter stuff yesterday. I'll go over my 12 little eggs again and remember all those stations of the cross from many years ago again.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fun at the Our Cabin

Brucie Moss loves goin up to the cabin at Bear Lake.....

He can't wait to get out and chase those prairie dogs around....

We brought our grandbabies along with us....as well as our technology obsession....snicker...

They love board games....but online games are good too grandpa! 

Gary and Tiff came with us too! They love the peaceful view....

Meg loves the dog....and playing Candy Land and Care Bear Dominos by the fire....

Tiff and me liked reading books and ignoring the world around us......

Bruce was being entertained....he liked it too....

This little munchkin loves to ride the 4 wheelers too....

They did such a good job grandpa made them a certificate! 

Bug sorting....it could be a living!?

 Can't wait to get back there....

Sunday, March 11, 2012

90th Birthday Celebration

Grandma Merlene turned 90 this week. So her husband, Don, had an open house party Saturday. She looked so sweet.   She got lots of flowers and everybody added to her scrapbook we made 10 years ago at her 80th birthday. Family came before us and after us, but these are the pics I got while I was there....

Grandma Merlene and my cute hubs...I made her some homemade bread...and boy!....it was a beautiful day ! 
This lady is amazing. She still gardens, bottles raspberry peach jam every year, works in the temple, and does genealogy like nobody else I know. She has hosted hundreds of dinners for our family over the years.
Here are just a few of her great grandchildren...my cute daughter-in-law Wendy and Josie....

Two more here..Tavin and Meg.....aren't they sweet?

My 3 kids and grandpa Don....

She definitely does NOT look like 90!  She used to ski circles around me at age 79
when her doctor told her to lay off the snow skiing.  She is amazing. 

My hubs and his bro and dad....and Grandma Merlene
She was the President of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers for over 5 years, and did museum work and held dinner parties many times during the year for the ladies. Just a few years ago she let go of her duties.

She ran a paper company when she was younger. She was President or CEO or something very important. She was also a Relief Society President AND a Seminary Teacher. She is always so nice, and always so photogenic! 

My hub's sis and  cute daughter and  her hubs....

Some of the yummy evil foods put out which we could NOT resist...cheesecake, red velvet cake, carrot cake,  turtles and cookies of all sorts....and chocolate covered almonds and punch...we were so bad, we just HAD to fill up on that candy! 

Cute granddaughter Becky...she's just finished her teaching credential and got a job before she was even done! 

Robin and Dallas family pics

Dev and Cait (my son and daughter-in-law)  and grandpa...

more family...

More of the great grandkids....these are twins sitting on one stool...

My pretty daughter and her pretty daughter... another great grandchild....

more family pics...

Granddaughter Casey and her twin girls....

Dustin brought his 2 little boys,  and he and Steve were talkin' soccer with grandpa....

Don't they make a cute couple? Happy Birthday grandma! Hope you had a day as amazing as you are! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr. Seuss Day Fun

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HAPPY DR. SEUSS DAY!! So.....today our school had an after school activity that was really fun. They showed a Dr. Seuss movie and gave out cake and popcorn for the kids in the gym.
In school we voted to find out which is our Favorite Dr. Seuss Book.  We did a CLASS GRAPH!  Then we had a book exchange and a Read-a-Thon in our Pajamas and with pillows and blankets!
I found 5 writing topics to choose from for the week. Here are the choices.....taken from the blog....Minds in Bloom. They actually had 20 ideas but we are choosing only 5 for our journal writing on Thursday.....
  1. Make a list of things you could do to cheer up the Grinch.
  2. The Cat in the Hat is lending you Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the day. What will you do with them?
  3. Pretend that you get to choose one Dr. Seuss book that will be translated into every language and given to every single child on the planet. Which book do you choose? Why?
  4. Create a new animal for If I Ran the Zoo. Describe your animal in detail, give it a name, and illustrate it.
  5. Choose a Dr. Seuss character and pretend that you will spend the day together. Create a schedule for the day.
We made in art some woven and colorful fish from the rolls of butcher paper in the school. We had 1 inch strips of paper and we cut strips in our giant 1 foot fish.  We are learning about measurement so that's why we did 1 foot fish with 1 inch strips to weave in and out. The cute caption reads "One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. 
Dr. Seuss Day Activities in the Gym were fun! 
Here's our One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish....
On Pinterest I found a cute handprint card made into Thing 1 and Thing 2 that I thought we could try for art this week.  It looks like a ton of work but I know the kids will like it and they can do it and maybe make up a poem about their Thing 1 or Thing 2 getting into some trouble on Dr. Seuss Day!  
Thing 1 and 2 are waiting for some faces!  We'll finish these tomorrow....
Here is a finished "Thing 1 handprint" 

Making woven fish a few days ago.....
Then we had a competition to make the most "at" words of all! 
We loved all the Dr. Seuss activities this week! 
Here's our cute Cat in the Hat bulletin board with our woven fish...
We also did a fun Crossword Puzzle and Wordsearch "fill in the blank Book Titles" Dr. Seuss Wrote.  And we had a book exchange at school. Kids brought their old but in good shape books to trade and some exchanged up to 15 books. They all acted like it was Christmas morning around here!  
Favorite Books by Dr. Seuss Graph....
I think the favorite book was "The Lorax" 
Today we had a Read-A-Thon in our Pajamas in honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2nd.  Our school is putting on a movie after school with popcorn and Dr. Seuss green cake too.  It's fun to read in your jammies!    
Two thumbs up for green eggs and ham! 
In our Pajamas! The whole school wore pajamas! 

Eating Green Eggs and Ham! 
It sure was a very fun day today on Dr. Seuss Day! 


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