Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grandkids Playroom Remodel

We took forever to get the remodeling done on our basement and bedrooms in the basement. But guess what? They are finally all done....(well.....pretty much done...you know there are always a few little bits we give up on before actually finishing....) Here's the latest room we finished.
     The PLAYROOM! If you want to see the finished Guest Bedroom LINK HERE.  

I found this Stop Sign switchplate cover...so cute I had to have it! 

Here's the before youtube.....it was such an awful mess last spring.....I worked on it all summer, painting, painting, painting, buying curtains...painting some more....buying bedspreads....painting, buying wall art....buying furniture.....painting...you get the picture, right? Yeah....really got sick of painting all those rooms and that basement.

So you can see....we were living in a war zone for like 4 months....painting, carpeting and doing wood floors all at the same time....I really don't recommend it! It is a sucky way to live. Dust everywhere all the time and you don't DARE let anybody come over!

Here's the AFTER PICTURES of the grandkid's room. We painted it pale blue, and Johnny tore out the carpeting and put wood laminate floors down (From Costco really inexpensive and easy to snap together). They love coming over for a sleepover and playing with all our old toys from raising 4 kids.  Here's a floor to ceiling chalkboard I made them to play with. The wall art from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I think they were each $9.95 with double matting and framed in white.
I got those little bins with chalkboard labels from T. J. Max....the nightlight lamp from IKEA

 Everything else was from Ikea (curtains, table, (it was only $9 bucks in the clearance bin and the red metal legs match the red metal of the bunk beds!)  wall bins that say 1, 2, 3.  The chairs were from Target on sale for $9 bucks! I've got a set of 4 for family dinners when I need more seating.

I love the little bins at the top...they match everything so perfectly! Dragon is from IKEA too.

The lamp was from Pottery Barn originally, but I got it for $25 bucks at Down Home East, which is a clearance house for Pottery Barn. It is darling. I made the stop sign myself out of some scrap lumber.
The puppets filling the  dragon doo dad holder, are some of my little girls' favorite toys.

Ikea curtains...you can't see the red at the bottom but they are solid red...super cute!
The cute mobile is from my friend Aimee Ferre....a birthday card to me! Adorable! 
I watched KSL classifieds for a cute bunkbed. I liked this style with the double bed on the bottom with the red metal frame. It just looks like kid fun doesn't it?  I got it for $50 bucks used, came home and hosed it down and sprayed it with Clorox bleach cleaner. I had brand new sheets and bedding waiting so we just needed to buy new mattresses for it.

Here's the girls enjoying a sleepover...playing with Brucie....

My grandbabies have already shown me how much they love their new room. Why the "construction zone theme" you ask? Yeah. I get that a lot.
He keeps looking for his tennis ball....sniff sniff! 

 I guess I assumed I'd have grandsons, since I mostly had boys. I only got one girl in the bunch! So that was what I started buying, little tractor prints caught my eye, and this TARGET kiddie rug was too cute to pass up on sale at $50 bucks. I just went for it.
Is it here? Is it there? 

 And....well.....I have a HUGE collection of Legos and Hot Wheels cars from having 3 boys who loved both.  So whatta ya gonna do? Yeah. So that's why.  My little girls love Legos and little Hot Wheels cars too. Who woulda thought?
I love this Down Home East lamp...so cute with all the trucks.....

cute pictures on the walls from Bed, Bath and Beyond.... Backhoe Digger....

Gotta have a cement truck!

Wouldn't be complete without a BULLDOZER now would it? 

My blank chalkboard....floor to ceiling dullness...Got any ideas?  

I made the cute Stop Sign! Do you know how hard it is to cut an octagon accurately? Yeah I didn't either! 

Got the chalkboard baskets and cute Micky Mouse alarm clock from T.J. Max 

Can you tell I expected boys?  Lots of Tonka Truck books (and trucks!)

Cute linens from Bed, Bath and Beyond....very soft and comfy set.....

I really used this rug from Target as the inspiration for the room....oops I can see my toes here! 

Cute little IKEA boxes on the shelf....only 3 for $5.00!! 

Ah, I give up...I'm gonna lay down and take a nap!

So here's the finished room. What do you think of it? I still need to put a saying on the cute chalkboard I made.  If you think of anything cute.....leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi Pattie, what a wonderful job you and your hubby have done on the playroom for the grandkids. It is fabulous. Congratulations and thanks for sharing. From one grandma to another, LOL I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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