Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bad Things Happen....But You Can Still Live"

I read this horrible story in the paper today. This poor 16 year old kid lost the rest of his family in a 2nd plane crash that previously killed half of his family. I can't imagine how he will go on living....if he even survives.  Why would the Lord do this to the poor kid? Sometimes I just don't understand things when they are just so awful.

Austin Hatch was a standout high school basketball player in Indiana – on his way to college on a full scholarship – when the unthinkable happened.

AUSTIN HATCH - Basketball star on fullride scholarship - critically injured Friday in a  plane crash that killed his dad and step mom. First crash killed his mom and 2 siblings.

"Hatch, 16, was critically injured in a plane crash on Friday that killed his father, Dr. Stephen Hatch, and his stepmother, Kim. Even more unfathomable? It's happened to him before. In 2003, Hatch and his father survived a plane crash that took the lives of his mother and two siblings. He is now the sole survivor of his immediate family.

"They're all gone," Dan Kline, Hatch's basketball coach at Canterbury High School told the Associated Press. "He's the only one left. What's the chance of that happening? A million to one, if that. It's just unbelievable."  Austin, who remains in critical condition at a northern Michigan hospital, is in a medically induced coma, suffering bruising on his brain among other injuries. Close friends of the teen have been keeping a vigil at the hospital."

Taken from the Associated Press.

I'm just so sad for this poor kid. Why do these horrific things happen? I have a few questions for the Lord when I meet him at the pearly gates. It is unfathomable to me that he will be able to have a normal life after this. I'm thinking his basketball scholarship is probably toast if he is really brain injured. It is such a sad story.  Hug your family today. You never know what will happen in a split second to change the family dynamics.

 It is awful to lose a loved one. Unthinkable to lose the whole family....a second time.  I reminds me of the ending to the movie Super 8 when the closing line is "Bad Things Happen....But You Can Still Live!" It's gonna be so hard for this kid to be normal....to live a normal life.... all my well wishes and love go out to him......May  God bless you Austin....

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