Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. We ate tortilla chips and mango salsa. Then we played CINCO BINGO with numbers I called out.  (20 + 20 + 1 or 5 tens 3 ones or 1 quarter plus a dime) and kids had to figure out the numbers before they placed their bingo chip. They are getting good at this.

After about 3 games and 6 winners later, we read 2 Weekly Readers and read all the picture captions. Then we created a mariachi art project on a Mexican flag.   And sang a song to the tune of the ABCs.


 I had made up a spinner with Mexican words the kids might not know. After we read about a Fiesta, we had kids come up and spin the spinner. Then they had to use the word in a sentence. Everybody was great at it.

Then we passed out Mexican sombreros and some Oriental Trading stickers on the Mexican theme. They colored, cut out and decorated their sombreros.  We counted up to 10 three times in Spanish. Then I'd ask the kids "What is ocho, what is tres?" They loved it!
Here we are just before our 1st Grade Musical called "Seasons Change"
Boy did they do a fantastic job dancing the Maypole Spring dance!!!

While they were working I read them The Tortilla Factory. They loved eating their plates of tortilla chips and salsa with mango and peach. Mmmmmm.....

Everybody picked out 7 stickers to put on their hats.
We did the hats in red, green and yellow
Then later was our stake musical called Broadway Night. It was fantastic. My favorite numbers were the HIgh School Musical where the Alta High kids sang wearing black and red and did fabulous choreography! Woo Hoo.  My other favorite was the little kids doing a number from Annie's "It's a Hard Knock Life for Us".  They were darling!

Our classroom musical production was today too. The kids sang 11 songs, did 6 dances and many of them had to memorize speaking parts. We'd been working on it since September!  I was so proud of them that I almost started crying when the first started singing, and also when my students did the beautiful Maypole dance. I loved it so much. They were cute!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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