Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Grandbabies are growing up.

Last night we babysat Marisa and Megan while Tiff and Gary went to see the Lakers kill the Jazz. John told them they had to bring him back a picture of Kobe Bryant. We are from Southern California so I think I will always be a Lakers fan, regardless of the celebrity lifestyle of some of the players. 

How can you resist this cuteness? I can't.

Or this little face? Happy go lucky Megan 2 1/2

Marisa Belle with Great Grandma Merlene...Marisa is curious about everything!

Snow Days....we had a lot of them!!!

Josie Erin 9 months has been crawling and just got 2 new teeth!

Marisa helping grandma decorate for Easter....Bruce....not helping.....
Marisa and Megan came over to my classroom with their McDonalds Happy Meals. All of a sudden I hear these little feet clomping in a run up to greet me. Megan's little round and rosy face was so excited as she ran to get a hug from me. Is there anything more precious in this whole freaking world than that? I don't know if there is.  What a delight a 2 1/2 year old is.  She is so good natured too. She says thank you to anything you give her, and she says sorry if anything goes wrong between Marisa and her. 

Let's eat!

Hug a snowman...love this!
So I had made little chicks in my classroom to put on our bulletin board outside with a giant Easter basket. Next week we will fill the basket with Rechenka's eggs. But I had the cut outs for one more chickie. So I told Marisa to sit down and eat and we would put one together for her.

My little Easter Chicky...Josie age 9 months...

Marisa liked the chickie craft

So we traced her hands and I cut them out. We put the little orange beak on and added wiggly eyes. She was just so into it and it is exciting for me to see all she has learned from her preschool experiences. Tiff said, "Mom it would be so fun if she could be in your class". That would be fun! But she lives clear across town, it would be way too hard. Tiff says she sits transfixed in primary on Sunday. I'm sure she will be the perfect little student for any teacher. 

My bulletin board....we'll add some pretty eggs to it next week....
Then we went over to Roberts and picked out yarn. Tiff is going to teach me to knit an afghan. I picked out a gray blue wool. I love the Pottery Barn cable style knitted afghans, but I don't want to spend $100 bucks on one. And I think it would be fun to knit one myself. The challenge is going to be finding a pattern that is easy enough that looks good. 
Cable-Knit Throw, Ivory

Tiff crochets really well, but I want a tight, cabled look to it, most likely knitting. She bought some giant needles and a cream wool with specks in it. That would looks so pretty draped over a leather couch.  I told her she should knit me one just like it for the Bear Lake cabin. We've got brown leather couches there.

I set up the puppet theatre and John taught the girls how to use the puppets

It was totally Marisa's thing....she loves drama!

Then we went home and Tiff left for the Jazz game. Marisa wanted to watch Felix the Cat. That was always my favorite cartoon when I was a kid. But John was remarking how they portrayed different Asian cultures in the cartoon wouldn't fly at all in today's politically correct climate!  I had to agree. Then Marisa started playing this game with us. She noticed that the ottoman has a top that comes off to store stuff inside. She went and found something to hide. Then she said, "Grandpa guess what is inside". Kids all love their dads and grandpa's best. Why is that?  So she gives these cute clues. "It is something you wear on your foot before you put your shoes on!" So cute!  John guessed "a frog!" and Marisa would giggle. Then we'd go on to guess about 10 ridiculous things before one of us finally got it right. She loved it. We love her. What a doll!  Grandkids are the best.

Megan liked watching the puppeting more than doing it...

Grandpa and the oldest of his girls....Marisa Belle

Two cute girls in Easter dresses.  Love those little polka dots!

I love them all to pieces. Who knew it would be THIS much fun?

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