Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Fun!

Easter Sunday was really fun for our family. We had dinner at Tiff and Gary's house because Marisa had just turned 4 and so we celebrated her birthday as well as Easter. Grandma and Grandpa Moss, John's dad and stepmom came down and we had a nice ham dinner. The girls were so cute in their matching Easter dresses!

The girls in their cute Easter dresses....

Our choir did the Easter music on Sunday morning at church and it was beautiful. I loved sitting by my home girls Linda Burton and Pat Brown. We love sitting together and talking and giggling through choir rehearsals. Poor Lorraine Jensen having to put up with us for like the last 12 years now? She is an absolute SAINT! And an awesome choir director. She does it every time with excellent song choices and her conducting talent. Debbie Huggins and Camille Brady traded off doing the hard piano pieces. They sounded great too. I loved the ending song called "When I survey the Wondrous Cross". It is very powerful especially the ending high notes. Sopranos get lots of solos too, which we all love. hehe.
Cute Marisa Belle....Age 4

I love this picture wall Tiff has on her landing... SO CUTE!

Cute Easter decorations on her entryway table....

Marisa, Jeff with baby Josie, and Grandpa John...

I had to take some pictures of some of the things we had for dinner. I thought it was funny that my son  Devin, who is only 24 years old, likes to cook and bake. Every one of our last dinners he baked something really good. Maybe we have another iron chef in the making?  Here are his little rice crispy treats bird nests. Aren't they just the cutest?

Devin's rice crispy bird nests with Starburst and Jolly Rancher jelly beans....Guy Food...

My chocolate dipped strawberries.....double yum!

Tiff's table decor....We had an Easter Egg Hunt with all the eggs...

Caitlin's home-made rolls....yup...yum again!

My cheesy potatoes....mmmm

Tiff's ham...super yummo!

I made Easter baskets for my 3 granddaughters with a few toys and a matching outfit for all 3. Tiffany made hair bows to match them. Isn't she a great daughter?

Tiff made hair bows to match my coral outfits for the grand babies....

I actually found all 3 of the correct sizes! Yipee score 1!

Easter baskets and toys too....

 And she hosted the yummy ham dinner. I only had to bring cheesy potatoes. And I brought some HUGE strawberries I got from Costco that I dipped in chocolate chips. They are really sweet and yummy.
Everybody was watching the baseball games!

Cute ceramic bunny baskets for the my daughter and daughters in law....

Then I got these cute little ceramic bunny candy dishes for all the girls and filled them with candy. The boys can share. hehe.

3 generations here...love this picture!

Caitlin and Tiff....

Wendy, Josie and Jeff...

Marisa's birthday was a few days ago so Tiff made birthday cakes and we had a party for her too. She got lots of cute gifts. But we think her favorite was just the glow stick and pinwheel used for wrapping up the presents. It is so funny that kids will play with wrapping more than the toys. But she DID like the toys.
Tiff made such cute cakes for the birthday girl!

I think Marisa liked her cakes.....A LOT!!!

Megan liked them too!

I got Marisa and Megan matching Dora the Explorer umbrellas. And guess what? It started to rain like 5 minutes later. So they went outside and tried them out. Too cute! I got Josie a little board book that has a chick peeping when you push the button. It was cute too.
Josie liked her board book....cheep cheep!
Josie and my son Jeffrey
All the kids with their Easter "loot" Devin's right in there too....hehe...

Grandma Merlene and Grandpa Don Moss...it was fun having them come too!

Our family Easter 2011

Here's the family all together. Good thing Gary has a tripod. We set it up, counted down and waited. It was fun to watch it bleep bleep flash!  I hope everybody had as much fun as we did watching the baseball game on Gary's 65 inch big screen in the basement.  I told John we need one of those too. Do you think he'll get me one for Mother's Day?  Keep your fingers crossed on that/!  but don't hold your breath. hehe.  Happy Spring!

Marisa & her umbrella...and it started to rain right on cue!

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  1. Great photos, Pattie! It was a fun Easter!!!


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