Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Time! Let's Party!

Every year I have the kids do a class graph. And here is the question I ask.  Which team will win the Super Bowl on Sunday?  There are always some sports fans amongst the first graders who know the score. They know the players and the teams. This year it was Trace. He knows the teams and he was certain of the winner. 

We each cut out a football to "VOTE" for our Team! Go Team!
 Well, we shall see.   I have a fun little challenge for the kids.  Those who predict the winner correctly will win a football sweatband for their wrist.  Those that predict incorrectly get to do 12 pushups.  We decided on the number 12 because I told them I also have to do pushups if I lose.  And I have lost in years past. It wasn't pretty watching me trying to do more than 12. So we keep it at 12 pushups. (oh and all the kids will win the wristbands...they don't know that yet though...I like to keep the competition going...)

The Pittsburgh Steelers against the Green Bay Packers
Here is our graph.  Wish me luck. I'm rootin for the Steelers. Don't ask me why. I'm not even a football person. It's just because the kids made me choose.  Fair is fair in the game of life...or football!  

I'm looking more forward to my daughter's super bowl party. I'm going to make a baked brie with dried cherries and pecans and jam inside. I'm going to shape it like a football and cover it with puff pastry. The recipe for the Baked Brie is HERE.  At the Pepperidge Farm Website you can also watch a video on how to make the Baked Brie. It is to die for Yummy!

I shaped my brie cheese like a football

 I found the Roman Numerals on the website. I'm not sure if it is 45 or not, cuz I can't remember my Roman Numerals, but it sure looks cool! I put the letters on with the extra puff pastry. I filled it with raspberry jam, some brown sugar, pecans and dried cherries. I am waiting to bake it till just before the Super Bowl starts.  I have Triscuits, Pretzel Ritz and Wheat Thins to munch on it with. Ooh lala, can't wait.
Yummy baked brie with dried cranberries and pecans inside...I'm going to shape it like a football!
 I'm also making and some black bean and corn and avocado salsa. The recipe is HERE I always doctor it up a bit. I added some cucumber and avocado and Tuscan House Italian dressing and I always do fresh tomato not canned.  And I bought these new Pretzel style Ritz Crackers  to go with the salsa that are super crunchy and yummy. With Triscuits and Wheat Thins and Tostitos chips, we should be a happy bunch. It's a really fresh and kind of filling and really good! 

This yummy salsa is made from black eyed peas, black beans, corn, green pepper,
avocado, tomato, cilantro and purple onion, with a few dashes of lime and Italian Salad Dressing.

   Those will be good Super Bowl Party foods, won't they? They'll go nicely with pizza and chicken wings.
 I can't wait for the funny commercials. I've heard the Doritos ones are hysterical.....Happy Super Bowl Partying!

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