Friday, February 25, 2011

My Favorite Mexican Restaurant

I love the small mexican restaurant in Sandy called LA COSTA.  It is right near Chin Wah and over in the old shopping center where Fred Myer used to be and the DI is now. It used to be a real tiny hole in the wall when it was across the street in back of Movies 9. But they moved to the old Rafael's site a few years ago. I love going there on the spur of the moment. The link is http://www.lacostamexrestaurant.com/#s1

The owner  there is Benito. He used to have a bright purple car parked outside. You could always tell if he or his wife, Danielle was working, because the purple car would be there. I used to wonder how they could take your order, just from memory, never writing down a dang thing. They still do that. The service has always been one of their strong points. I have always felt taken care of. They are all very solicitous waiters, but they don't hang around taking up your time, although they are very friendly. They do it just right, in my opinion.

John took this pic from his lame Android camera phone...

My husband used to travel a lot. He used to tell me about waitresses that would sit and talk to the businessmen for 15 minutes and then scoot into the booth and talk some more. I really wouldn't have appreciated that kind of waitress. The waiters and waitresses at LA COSTA are some of my favorites.
My husband always tries his bad Spanish out on them, and they never cringe or get all bugged. I would if I were them, but they just giggle and mildly correct him. He loves it. There is entertainment there on weekends, but we hardly ever go on weekends.

I had to put some cute winter pics up of Megan and Marisa

Aint she just the cutest kid?

I have a hard time choosing between my favorites there, but everything is delicious and very authentic Mexican. I think my favorites are the Burrito Guadalahara, the Chimichangas, and the homemade tamales. My husband ALWAYS gets the same thing; pork burrito. But I think once he got the fajitas and they were also delicious. 

Well, and Josie is too cute too!
I think my favorite thing about LA COSTA is the chips and salsa AND REFRIED BEANS they give you as a free appetizer. We like the salsa, it is not mild but not super hot. It is zesty and really food processed the way I like salsa, not too many giant chunks, and with lots of zing and cilantro. Then we mix it by pouring it on top of the little bowl of homemade refried beans they give you. And the chips are always really thin and crispy hot, like they were just deep fried or something.  I LOVE the chips and salsa there. Soooooo good.

I made this salsa myself! Black beans, corn, cilandro, tomatoes, Yum.
My chimichanga comes with sour cream and guacamole, rice and beans. And with those hot crispy chips, I can play with dipping my chips in all kinds of stuff. You should try that place, if you like yummy Mexican food. We go there every Cinco de Mayo and listen to the mariachis and drink virgin strawberry daquiris with our food. It's a party there on the 5th of May.  You should try it sometime.  It's on 94th and between 7th and 13th East.  Yummo.

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