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Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas Party

Grandpa Moss
 My husband's dad is Don Moss. He is one of the nicest men on the planet. I always knew if my husband turned out half as good as his daddy then I was one lucky lady. And it has been true that he takes after his dad. We all love Don. He is in his middle 80s. His wife Merlene is my husband's step-mom, since his mom died almost 30 years ago. Merlene is almost 90.  She has been a super sweet mother-in-law to me. She has loved and given to me and my kids throughout their lives. After my own mom died I would often call Merlene when I needed somebody to talk to about a real problem, when I needed good advice.   
Merlene and Don Moss\

But we are so lucky to have SOME grandparents still in our kids' lives. They have hosted many yearly get togethers! Last night they announced that this is the last year they will do the Christmas dinner party. We all would have put it on years ago but they insisted on doing it, keeping the traditions. This favorite family party is Christmas dinner where all the relatives from both Dons and Merlene's sides get together and we celebrate the Christmas story from the bible.

 We have the children act out the parts in full costumed regalia. The props over the years have gotten more elaborate. The talent has gotten better. The solos sweeter.  The youngest granddaughter who can talk, plays Mary and usually the teenagers play the shepherds and wise men, no pun intended. In between one of the uncles reading the story from Luke, the whole group sings hymns depicting the different scenes during the birth of our Savior. It is always a sentimental time for me.

Joseph & Mary and the Baby Jesus (dolly)

Our Family Nativity & Singing Silent Night
Uncle Dennis Reading Luke, Aunt Danielle directing the children's play (again this year when will she ever get a break!)

I still have a very precious picture I keep on my computer of our youngest son, Danny, as a wise man at the Christmas party.  We think he was around 14 in this picture.  It was the last time he would play the part of the wise man in this life. He died in a car accident a few years ago.  At this season of the year when everyone gives thanks and is busy gift giving, we always have a little bit of melancholy. We miss our Dan and think about all the fun we had with him when he was around.We loved him dearly!

Danny Moss the wiseman  :)

 I think when you are a mom, or a dad, you do tend to baby your youngest child and they become very close to you. It is a real strong bond that most parents feel toward the baby of the family. It makes it harder when that child is taken. I really like though, that everybody in our family still talks about Danny. Nobody in the extended family is afraid to ask me questions about him or how I feel this year or whatever they want to ask. It is okay. It makes me realize that they still remember him. And that makes me very happy.

This past week Elizabeth Edwards died. She also had a teenage son who was killed in a car accident. I always related to her and admired and was inspired by her strength of spirit through all of her trials. I was so sad to hear she had died. But Elizabeth and I shared a personal and private understanding. She once said, "People who have lost children look at death differently than the rest of us" and I remember nodding instantly. I know she didn't fear death as much as look to it as a grand reunion  I get that she is now reunited with her son and that is a happy day for her. “You are complete joy to me,” Mrs. Edwards wrote. “I hope you will always know that. Wherever I am, wherever you are, I have my arms wrapped around you.”At her funeral they read parts of this tender letter to her 3 surviving children. What an excellent mother she was!

My 3rd Granddaughter Josie & my son Jeff
  So I too look forward to meeting up again with Danny. And at this time of year I am missing him and thinking of him as the big family celebration takes place. And I am trying not to feel the void. There is always a little part of my heart that is sad that he isn't amongst the mix of cousins. And I'm glad for the cousins that also miss their partner in crime. 

Casey and the twins

Wesley, Jeff & baby Maya... 

Santa and his "Elves"

Newlyweds Caitlin and Devin Moss...(still on Santa's nice list)

We are lucky to have all these people in our lives. Even when those family celebrations are taking their toll on you this holiday, when the entertaining, the food preparation and the decorating get to you, just remember to be thankful for those loved ones you have around you right now, today. And give your kids all a big hug and appreciate your gifts. Because you never know when they may be gone away, it can happen so quickly.
Pretty Aunt Robin & cute cousin Heather

I love my inlaws and my kids' cousins and all the aunts and uncles on the Moss side of the family. It is so fun to see Grandpa come out as Santa, this year with the wiggly Santa hat that reminded me of something out of Harry Potter. Then the fun of watching each kid waiting with anticipation for their name to be called while Grandpa pulls a brightly wrapped package out of his big furry red bag. . It's cute to see who Santa's elves will be each year, usually the cute teenage girls dress in lit up elf hats, too cute!

Brandon and Caleb (cousins)

My little granddaughter Marisa kept hanging around "Santa" waiting for her name to be called. She is only 3 but knows now what it's all about. We started to get worried that maybe Santa had forgotten her when almost all the kids names were called. There must have been 20 great grandkids and grandkids combined!
 Cute Becky, BYU Student...
You finally make it off the list when you get married, Funny that my son Devin who got married in August  was still suspiciously on the list this year! As was his wife Caitlin!  The older married cousins thought this was kind of unfair. :)  Finally he called Marisa and it was delightful to see her scamper up to get her gift and then with joy on her little face, tear up the ribbons and wrap to find a ballerina Barbie. She was in ecstasy! She loves Barbie! It was just so precious watching that little interchange for me.

Marisa Belle & Barbie...
 My sister in law said, "Boy my heart would have broken if she had been forgotten, I was starting to worry!" And we all said, "Us too!" We all love each others kids. It has been a 25  year family bond since grandpa Moss married Grandma Moss in the Los Angeles LDS temple. The fun we have had as a combined family is really hard to express in words. Summer pool parties, and 4th of July picnics, Thanksgiving get togethers and the yearly Christmas party. We've gone to each other's homes for the big life events; weddings, funerals, eagle courts of honor, baptisms.

Megan Tremayne & yummy treats

Wendy and Jeff & John watchin the Nativity ...

My family...

It is just one of those things where we have learned to love each other, bear each others burdens, support and care for each other. And at this special time of year, I am so blessed to be a part of a big, loving family such as the Moss clan. There is nothing more important to me than family. It is the cherry on top of my sundae of life.  Merry Christmas to all! Be happy for all of life's wonderful blessings! And love from my family to yours.

My favorite 3 girls....


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