Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Parade of Homes Part 1 in Highland, Utah

We took a day to explore the Parade of Homes yesterday in Highland, Utah. I had my son and daughter with me and we took one of the babies, my grandson Dylan with us.

It was a blast. But it was kind of cold and rainy. Other than that we loved it.

This was one of my favorite features in the first home we looked at in the Parade of Homes in Highland, Utah. I loved all the white built ins and the pretty mirror over the fireplace. 
Pretty den with muted colors....

Media room with a metal wall with these black PVC pipe contraptions connected with magnets. It looked like a fun toy you could put balls inside of and build pathways for that ball to travel through. We played with it awhile. And now I want a magnetic wall in my house! Dev does too....snicker.....and yes, he IS MAKING A FACE AT ME! 

Pretty bathroom. I loved the mirror and  countertop material. I think it was quartz. 

I loved this one too in grey paint. The parade of homes all had lots of gray and pale blue wall colors as well as accessories in blue and gray and silver. 

This was a cool basement where they had the very high ceilings. But they were able to raise them because the kept the duct work hanging down below the ceilings.  Notice the silver tubing to the left top. And that cute young man is my son Devin, coming along with Tiff and I. These lights were cool hanging in the kitchen too. 

Here's my daughter Tiff with my grandson Dylan. He was such a trooper! I just LOVED this train car door. They had these in lots of the houses. It is rolled from side to side on wheels on a track at the top like pocket doors. But the old barn wood made them even more special. I loved that weathered look with the metal accessories. 

Okay, believe it or not this was an indoor basketball court. And it wasn't the only one we saw today. I guess it is all the rage to build them. At least your boys would be kept busy during the long winter months. They'd just be playing downstairs in your own home court! Cool! (I think Devin was a little blown away by this though......snicker.....) 

This was a little side room in the basement for the little kids to play in. It had books and toys galore. 

And the front of it had a little indoor, "little red schoolhouse" look to it. It had a mailbox and a school bell. The shelves and slide to the side were filled with educational games I've seen in kindergarten classrooms. 

Here are puzzles and games and a cute slide that was built in to the playhouse at the Parade of Homes in Highland, Utah. 

They also had a mural to the side to show a little field to "play" around in after school. So super CUTE! 

I loved the decor in the little guestroom off of the basement fun area. 
Here's Devin and Cait and Lena who came to visit. We had lots of fun with them, swimming, hiking, going to a wedding reception, having Father's Day homemade ice cream, and just basically hanging out together. 

Another bedroom had a "construction zone" theme going on with stop signs and road signs. 

I loved this all metal wall we saw in quite a few of the homes. Imagine the fun you could have with magnetic items to place all over your metal walls. There are so many applications for this idea. Here was just one. I loved it!! I'm copying it. 

Here was the headboard made from some old barnwood or an old weathered fence. I have a neighbor who just tore down their old fence. I might have to run over there and borrow some pieces of wood. I have a bedroom it would be perfect for! 
Pretty hanging lamps in the kitchen.....

The kitchen was pretty but what really caught my eye was this light blue and brown wood table. The legs were repainted a light blue. I just bought some lime green paint to do just this with an old oak, ball and claw table for my living room bay window. It is a small table with no leaves. I think using this same idea will look really swell! 
I just HAD to include this cute tablescape of a BEACHY blue theme which is what I have in my great room. Some people may want to just go with a relaxing theme like this in their kitchen.  After all, who wouldn't want to dream of a day lying on a tropical beach somewhere on your holidays?  Hmmm.....that reminds me oooooooooh....I love summer so much.  This was from Mimi in the Middle of Nowhere. It would go SO great on the above table in blue and brown, my great room colors.

 I guess mine is more turquoise than blue in my great room.....but the beachy theme is definitely there.
Here is what I have finished in the great room so far. It is kind if blue and brown all around.
The very coolest part of this house was the 2 huge decks on both floors of the house and they both overlooked a HUMUNGUS backyard with a pool, a built in trampoline and a kids fort with slides and swings. I think kids would play here all summer. They had lots of yard too and a pretty view of the surrounding trees. 

A close up of the pool. You could swim lots of laps in that pool! 

The kids fort was so cool too. It reminded me of a little private park! How fun would that be. And mom can see you from the kitchen windows. 

We saw two more houses but I'll post about them another day. I'm gonna go play now! Summer is ON! 

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