Monday, June 30, 2014

Parade of Homes Alpine Utah Part 5

This was one of the most amazing of all the houses we looked at the Parade of Homes in Alpine, Utah. 

I loved this entry table and picture of the Salt Lake temple in the Parade of Homes in Alpine Utah. The mirrored cabinet and the silver decorative touches looked so elegant. 

Very masculine office with a fireplace AND a beautiful view! 

The living room had a nice view of the mountainside too. The decor was very traditional and formal and lovely! 
This was a $2.5 million dollar home in the Parade of Homes in Alpine, Utah. Look and you can see why. It had a HUGE lot. It was so pretty in the front. I loved the architecture of the outside of the home, and the entry and backyard were spectacular! 

Here is the other half of the front of this HUGE Parade of Homes house. It kind of goes on and on, and the neighborhood is also lovely.
This was the backyard. My granddaughter asked "If I save all my quarters and dollars, can WE buy this house, mom?"  It was super cute. But we had to let her down gently.....lol.....
It had multiple backyard covered terraces with big screens, (as in more than one)  BBQs, slides, splashpads, firepit, and all the other toys. 
The girls really loved this pool with the fun slide. And there was also a splash pad, a trampoline, a putting green area...a firepit..... lots of fun. 
 I was really jealous of this wonderful yard. Who would even need to go anywhere else all summer? This would be party central!
The kitchen was all white with some black and yellow touches....Here is the fridge. 
This house won all of the awards as you can tell. 
This laundry room was to die for. The cabinets went on and on.....
And wouldn't it be great to have double washers and dryers for those days you have tons of towels? I loved the decor in yellow, white and black. 
I think this was a dressing room ?  Megan tried out one of the seats. 

Pizza Oven? Just off the movie theater....
This was an indoor swim spa right off the outdoor pool and the indoor weight room and fun area. Look to the right and you can see a soft serve ice cream station near the swimming pool on the outdoor patio. You'd have the whole neighborhood hanging out here! 

The entrance to the family movie theater was filled with italian sodas, candies of all kinds, popcorns, lots of fun here. My grandkids are going gaga over it. You can see them plotting how to get some of this candy! tee hee......

Italian Ice station.....yummy!

Italian Sodas, Popcorn and Candy galore......so FUN!
Fun popcorn flavorings

 Kitchen area in the basement.
 I think this was the basement family room and 3 big screens. 3 BIG. SCREENS PEOPLE!

Maybe it is for all the teenage boys to play video games in competition. I remember once my 16 year old having 12 kids over to play HALO on split screens (4 players on each T.V.) and we used multiple T.V.s  It was fun to watch them having fun!
Some more BYU fans can play on this brand new basketball and sports court! It's indoor of course. You can play basketball all winter long! It was really neat. 

I think this was at the top of the stairs, a private little reading alcove. 
The architecture was cool with the beamed ceiling and the windowseat. I liked the way this picture of a runner with the "BYU" flag was displayed too. 
Looking down on the living room with the grand piano, the backyard and a unique ceiling and wall treatment. 
This was off of a little girl's room. Hey there I am with my granddaughter Marisa. She loved the little girl's room.  These little chandeliers were so pretty. I loved the black and white decor here. 
We all fell in love with this little girl's room in pink and blue. The bedding and furniture were darling. 

The only thing I would have changed was making the plantation shutters white instead of black in this room.

Pretty little girl's room. I loved the mirrored closet doors too.

White would have looked better here, don't you think, on these shutters? But I loved the window seat, the little pink and blue bins and pillows too. 
Bathroom attached was also very feminine with pink accents. 

I cut off the wheels in this pic, but this looked like something from Restoration Hardware with these "wheels" on the little settee. It reminded me of a train car. Check back to see the basement activities in this Parade of  Homes house in Alpine. It was really quite fantastic! 

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