Sunday, October 20, 2013

Grandpa Moss' 87th Birthday Party!

Grandpa Don Moss turned 87 and I decided to have the whole Moss family over for dinner. It was fun seeing everybody and hanging out together. He is a great man and just recently finished his book of his life story. We all got a hardbound copy. He rocks!

Here Don is with his newest Great-Grandson, Dylan Tremayne (Tiffany and Gary's son and my only grandson!)
Here is Merlene and Don with just some of their great-grandkids! He's got a lot of great-granddaughters! Tiffany's 2 girls, Casey's 3 girls, Heather's 1 girl, Nick's 2 girls, Jeff's 2 girls, Devin's 1 girl. That makes 11 great granddaughters!!!  Then he's got a bunch of great grandsons too! Tiff's 1 boy, Casey's 2 boys, Nick's 2 boys, Dustin's 2 boys. That makes 7 great grandsons!! That's a whopping 18 great grands!  How cool is that?! 

 Tiffany and Gary and their family came and Tiff helped me with the food. Everybody brought a dish and we had some marvelous side dishes. I forgot to take a pic of all my pork chops. Oh well.
 Grandpa's cake .....John picked out the "over the hill" but that's his humor. I thought it was cute when Don turned the 8 and 7 around  to 7 and 8. lol.
His birthday is the end of September so I had all of my Halloween decorations out. Here is the drinks station we had. We decorated the kiddie tables with Halloween pumpkins and napkins. I think the girls liked eating next to the lit up Jack-o-lanterns.

Here were the 2 kiddie tables I put together for the 9 little ones who came. 
My granddaughters loved sitting together with all their girl cousins. 
We had pork chops, cheesy potatoes, lots of different veggie and fruit salads, homemade rolls by Robin, and cake. 
It was really yummy. Everybody chowed down. 
Tiffany's spinach salad....
Heather's spinach salad. Both were so different and so delicious!  Don'tcha love my skeleton tongs? They add so much...snicker....
Everybody getting ready to grab a plate and go dig in. These were  the 2 adult tables. 
I think I snapped this pic just before the prayer. How rude am I? Yes I am kind of rude now that I see it in living color. :( 
 We had chips and salsa too, fruit salad, pasta salad, it was a yummy feast.

 Jeff and Tiff's families sat with Casey and Heather's families. They all have little kids. It's funny how all the old people sat together, all the young people sat together, and all the young couples sat together.
Megan was always willing to pose for me. :D I love her so much!
The adults dinner table...here are all of us old people. John always has his glasses halfway down his nose like that. snicker....
Here was the before picture of the young adults table. We have a lot of college aged kids in our family. 
This was the young adults table with everybody sitting around it. All the college kids ate together. They are the good looking ones of the bunch. Yup. 
And here we are singing Happy Birthday to Grandpa. I wish all my pics weren't so dark. I'm still a sucky photog. 
 To me the funnest part of the night was Dennis Moss (top right) getting out his ipad and connecting with Nick Moss in Washington D.C. and John Moss (my hubs) connecting his iphone with Devin Moss in Chicago, and both of them looking at each other through the i technology and then at Grandpa and talking to him and to each other and all of us listening in. It was just a JETSON'S MOMENT! Those of you too young to have watched the Jetson's as kids won't get it, but we don't get a lot of your technology so we are even!
Grandpa Don Moss has been the most wonderful grandpa I could ever ask for. My kids all love him dearly. Here he is with Grandma Merlene holding the latest grandbaby. I think this is Heather's baby girl.. 
Happy Birthday to you....we recorded all of us singing too. 

He is a sweetheart and we love him. 
Wendy and Jeff Moss and family with Grandma and Grandpa Moss. We all took turns sitting with them and taking individual family pictures. I wish I had pics of everybody. 
Here's Gary and Tiff's Family with Grandma and Grandpa Moss. 
 Robin and Tiff and I all brought jars filled with Candy and did a guessing game for the little kids. Whomever was closest to the correct candy estimate got to take the jar of candy or gum home. We spread the winnings out so each little kid's family got to take a jar home. In essence, we cheated the college kids out of their candy. lol. Nobody complained. Too bad I forgot to take a pic. It's a fun family reunion game I found on the web.
It was a lot of fun to hang out with family on a great occasion such as our patriarch's birthday. We all love our Grandpa Moss. I hope we get many more fun birthday celebrations with him and Merlene too.

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