Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Organizing My Messy Laundry Room

Laundry Room Organization idea... IKEA $4.00 wooden spice racks will fit 2 dryer sheet boxes perfectly! 

I, unfortunately am NOT Martha Stewart. I am a messy person. I have a mini-hoarding ailment. I don't like clutter, yet I create clutter. So once in awhile it gets to me, and I realize I'm only one stack of crap away from a true-blue Hoarder!! EEK!
Laundry room "BEFORE I organized a little. What a mess!

So I looked at my laundry area behind the kitchen and sighed with regret that I wasn't one of those kinds of OCDish-organized people I have a love/hate relationship with. I look at them like slugs on a sidewalk trying to figure out why/how they are what they are.
 Laundry Room Organization Ideas....I had to do something...I know I'm one load short of being invited onto the show "Hoarders!"

 And I always wish I could figure out ways to become a little bit more OCDish myself!! (and why in the heck whenever I ask an organized person how they got to be so organized they just say, "I don't really know"?) That is not very helpful people!

Messy laundry room needs a little help I think!

So I found myself in another stack of crap piling up on my desk and instead of rooting through the clutter I played on the internet on Martha's website looking for organizational "tips".  They had this cool picture I loved. Don't you love it too? I wish my laundry room looked like this!!

Isn't this so sweet? (well it's also a little bit of overkill...) I love Miss Martha. Here is a look at her other tips.  Did you hear she's on a computer dating website now? Yeah, it's probably hard for opinionated, crafty, super mega-billionaire-foodie, former inmates to find a date!

Anyway, I liked her little racks on the left. We all have stuff in the laundry room like our Shout sprays, our fabric softener sheets and bleach sticks that need a place up off the counters. Well, here is the solution!  I have hooks galore but not as many shelves. (man, look at all her scrub brushes in the little basket on the left wall. WHO scrubs THAT much in ANY laundry room? That's just crazy. Get more out of life people. Toss that darn shirt away if you need to scrub it that much. It's just not worth it! Or go shop for new shirts like I do...it's a lot more fun. LOL

I found myself scrubbing the faucet in the bathroom sink the other day with a toothbrush for like 10 minutes. At some point I realized I just need to go get new faucets! Those things are 40 years old, it's TIME! My hubs stuck his head in the door wondering what all that scrubbing was about and just laughed at me. And then he quickly agreed to go with me to buy new fixtures this week. 

BEKVÄM Spice rack IKEA Saves space on the countertop Solid wood can be sanded and surface treated as needed.
These  COOL IKEA spice racks are only $3.99 each. They look good grouped together too. I've been waiting to find a use for them and I finally did!

Anyhoo......So  I had bought a bunch of these IKEA little, wooden, mini spice shelves I was going to use in my classroom for books-of-the-week to highlight what we are learning about. I still might use a few of them. But I bought 4 and I decided to cop one of them for my laundry room organization project. I think the dryer sheets might fit in there!! So I tried it out!

Check out all of these pictures on the IKEA website for more ideas HERE. Maybe I can use these in the bathroom too.....hmmmm.......how about the garage and all those paint cans and car wax....

 I decided that I would place the shelf with dryer sheets over the dryer, (duh!) aren't I the clever Cathy? Yes I am! But I did think it also would have worked on the back of the door in the laundry room. Here are a few great ideas for around 20 bucks! 

 I might use another one for the bleach sticks, fabric softener, and stain sprays I have lining the washing machine. (Yeah, I'm a clutter nut, remember?).Now I'm thinking of my bathroom. I might be able to do something like this in there to reduce curling iron and hair spray and hair gel clutter. It will probably take me a few months to get around to it though...

With a little clutter here, a little clutter there, here a pile, there a pile, everywhere a pile, pile....E-I-E-I-O!
Find a little corner to hang some hooks for aprons and things you use a lot. I'm really hooked on the hook idea!!

I  put a few hooks in there too for my cleaning aprons and cooking aprons. There never is a good place for them in drawers, they are like oven mitts! They need hanging up. Another thing I will hang there is a grocery bag holder for those pesky plastic grocery bags. I have them in a drawer of all the dumb things. That is just silly. It takes up all the drawer space!

 And I put a broom/mop holder on the inside of the pantry door which shares a room with my laundry room. It is out of sight now and kind of cool!  Yeah, I like it a lot!
Mop and Brooms Organized now! Woo Hoo! Maybe I should mop something? hmmm...... maybe not...

IKEA spice racks made into Snuggle dryer sheet holders. Yeah, I'm crafty!  2 fit in here perfectly!!  

I like how it looks in there now. It looks a little better. I wish I had a giant room like Miss mega billionaire Martha, but my little laundry "area" will have to do. It is a tiny improvement at least. :-) 

 The hubs added this little closet pole to the space between the wall and the laundry room cabinets for more storage. What a good man he is.
I decided this area will be only for my shirts. The area to the right with hooks on the door will be for the hub's stuff. It took me all this time to figure this out? I'm so embarrased! ......like I said, not an organized mind....sigh.....

Laundry Room Rack for Fabric Softeners....it's a lot better in there now.

 Thanks Martha you wizard you! You are simply inspirational! (squealed with joy in my authentic Paula Deen Southern belle drawl...) You go girl! 

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