Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Baby Dylan's Blessing

Baby Dylan was born April 12th, 2013. He is a little doll. Tiff and Gary were all ready for him, as you can see. His name was decorated on his striped blue wall with baseball doo dads. It is super cute! Just like him!
 Megan kept yelling "Where's his feet? I wanna see his feet!" You can see her peeking under the blanket to see them right here. So super cute to watch! Tiff looks amazingly pretty considering she just had given birth a few hours before.

 She was just delighted. Marisa was too.
It is always exciting to have the whole family come visit you in the hospital. Tiff was a good sport as we snapped tons of pictures!
This darling quilt was made by Tiff's good friend Diana who used to live next door to her. She did an awesome job and it matches the Blue and white nursery!

I snapped this picture of him with Johnny holding him the day he came home from the hospital.

Some of the cute decorations Tiff has in his room. Can you believe she MADE THESE?  I used to think
I was pretty crafty. But I don't know how to do this creative stuff. Gary helped paint the giant blue stripe around the room. 

Here is the whole family on Dylan's blessing day last Sunday (June2nd) We all came over for brunch afterwards. Gary did a nice blessing. He is blessed with strong character. I like that.
Here he is enjoying his cute little suit and tie. This pretty blue afghan was made by his mommy. It is really pretty.
The crib is cute too with baseball pillows and blue and white striped sheets.
Here is everybody hanging out at Tiff and Gary's house eating brunch. It was fun to see the Tremayne side of the family again. Mandy Tremayne is a fellow blogger so I always like chatting with her. :D
New mom came over to our house with little Dylan on Mother's Day 2013. He is so cute. He barely ever makes a peep. (Well, I bet he does in the middle of the night lol.)
Wendy is expecting her 2nd baby and she and Jeff found out it is a girl too. So we will have 5 granddaughters come August, but only one grandson. This is a cute picture of their family holding Dylan.

Grandpa's girl Megan was so excited about the "party" after church. She had cleaned up her room and had to bring me up to show me a cute picture of her and I and Marisa at the Baby Animals Days in Logan a few months back. She loves this picture.
Photo: Megan loves this picture :)
Me and my first two granddaughters hanging out with baby bunnies.

Dylan is a really good baby and he's super cute in his little shirt and tie. We just love him and we are so glad he is here. :D

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