Thursday, January 24, 2013

Repainting an Old Cabinet

I bought this big black cabinet at an R. C. Willey parking lot sale for I think $90.00.

I forgot to take a before picture. But this is kind of at the halfway painted stage. It was part of a mismatched set that would go around a big screen TV. 
It had been sitting in the basement in a corner for about 6 years with nothing in it. It just took up space.
Here is the repainted old cabinet filled with some servingware....that's still a work in progress....
 But now since remodeling the great room, and buying this new dining table from another scratch and dent store, and buying new dusty blue linen chairs with nailhead trim online from Overstock.com, I was thinking about using it for holding some of my crystal and china sets. I just had to find the right color of paint.
Here is the new table and chairs.....it will fit our whole family! (Thanksgiving Table Decor)
And here it is with Christmas Table Decor- you can see the light whitewashed look of the wood. It 
is a really pretty piece. I love how it looks like rough lumber. John calls it "the Pirate table". hehe....

I sprayed some primer on it first since it was going from black to pale blue...

Then we went over to Home Depot and picked a dusty aqua colored satin paint from the Glidden collection (our favorite paint) and Johnny helped me paint it.
We started by taping off the glass areas....

And then we put 2 coats of paint on it.....The thing is massive so when we tried to lay it down we busted off a leg and
so then John had to replace a long screw in the leg and patch it up. What a bother it was! But now it is all done.
This is what we used to have in that corner....(this picture was taken during mid painting  of the walls)....it was an old corner shelf. We repurposed the corner shelf in the kitchen to use as a cookbook shelf! 
Here is the old oak corner shelf. It looks a lot better in the kitchen next to the table.....and it is a great place to house
all of my 40+ cookbooks in one central place! I added some ceramics and some vinegars and knick knacks to it. :D
Then we added a cute ceramic and silver knob from Hobby Lobby to the cabinet (on sale for $2.00) and wha-la! it looks a whole heck of a lot better than the black lump in the corner of the basement. 

I am almost done with this room. I got new curtains too. 

Here's the ceramic knob I got from Hobby Lobby. It adds a little somethin....
Here it is in the background filled with Snowmen at Christmas time.....dontcha love my son
 Jeff in his hunting disguise? snicker....
I like it! I may do a brown glaze over this brightish blue to tone it down a bit. 
I added a few sets of china and some sparkly things. What do you think?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

My New Granddaughter is Lena Madelyn Moss

Photo: Lena Madelyn decided last night was the night and arrived in less than 6 hours. We're so glad she's here and healthy. @devinsmoss
She is an adorable tiny doll. I wish I could cuddle her right this minute! 
Photo: Lena Madelyn Moss. Born Jan 13 @ 11:59pm. 8lbs 1oz, 20.5", enjoys sleeping and pooping.
I think she looks like me, what do YOU think? (I think all my granddaughters look like me tho.....: -)
One day old Lena Madelyn Moss, born Sunday January 13th  Born Jan 13 @ 11:59pm. 8lbs 1oz, 20.5"
She definitely did NOT want to be born on January 14th....so made it by 1 second! 
Photo: Dad's so comfy. @devinsmoss

This picture is just so cute to me. I can't believe MY DOODLEBUG IS A DAD!!!
Photo: We love our girl.
And here are the proud parents! Good job guys, she looks like she's feelin' the love.


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