Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gardner Village Witches

We took the girls to Gardner Village on Wednesday. 
                   We shopped around in the candy store, the fabric/quilt shop, and the decor stores there.
    Then we looked at the ducks and things in the water....It was such a sunny, lovely October day too! I love Gardner Village!.
Here's a witch on a raft in the water! lol. There was another one riding a bike overhead. Everywhere you look were WITCHES!  
I think Meg wanted to feed those pretty ducks. She was pretty mesmerized by them. 

We loved this witch in the shady corner. And I loved this picture of 3 happy girls! 

                   Josie was Minnie Mouse. So cute!

Josie loves her big girl cousins too! 
Here's a great photo Tiffany took of all of us. I loved it. 

 Marisa and Meg were witches. Pink witch and purple witch. They left their brooms at home.

                     Cutest picture of the day at Gardner Village; all 3 girls smiling AT ONCE!
                         They must have had a good photographer.....NOT! I just got lucky.

And there I am. I had to get a picture with my little cuties.By about this time They probably got sick of me snapping pictures nonstop. I would get sick of me!

I had to put this one on my Facebook page. It was too cute! Love this witch too. 

 I loved hanging out with my daughter, my daughter-in-law and my granddaughters. We have a few more on the way. I'll have 5 in a few more months. Not telling whose babies they are though.
I snapped a really sunny picture...nobody liked it at all. Too much glare! 
So we stayed in the shade. Little Meg, so cute. LOVE her. She just twirled and danced around the whole quaint shopping village entertaining everybody. 

                                     Wendy and Josie. Pickin pumpkins at the little patch.
                                       They are standing next to the upside-down witch with the big...bazooms!
      Minnie Mouse liked the pumpkin patch and the witches too. She kept calling them "SILLY!"
          I got this cute close up of my little purple witch......

 Meg just had fun wherever she went. She is at that fun, everything I discover is amazing age. She just turned 4 years old.
This witch and spider web just asked for us to sit down and take a picture! 
We sure had fun at Gardner Village. Everybody got a giant sucker and some Halloween jewelry to wear home. Then we all went out to dinner and met all the hubs too. It was a fun day spent together......Thanks you guys! 

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