Friday, January 20, 2012

Beachy Bedroom Redo

Beachy Bedroom Decor

Well, it is almost done.  I'm posting the pictures of the  basement bedroom today.  I just about have all the decor done.  We still want to change it from a windowed room to a patio glass door room, so we can easily get in and out to go to the jacuzzi in the winter.  As it is, it's absolutely NO FUN walking down around the backyard hill in the FREAKING COLD SNOW!  (I actually thought about climbing through the window.....maybe I could get a ladder and ......uh...well....I'll think about that one.)

We took out the mini blinds and the light fixtures and bought fresh new ones.....after painting everything ice blue.....

We ripped up the old, beige carpet, and put in new wood flooring....I didn't take very many pics of it though......Oops! 
Anyway here are the "BEFORE" pictures.  We had a water pipe freeze last winter so we had a little leaking in our walls and had to fix the pipes after the winter thaw.   The plumber tore out this HUGE piece of my wall!  And then just left it that way!  It was really gross! (nightmares of things crawling out of walls in the night....eek!)
Here is the work of my crazy plumber neighbor down the street!  But at least he found the leak!  Yucky!
My hubs did a great patch job.....see if you can find it in the  "after" pictures? 
Finished "Mariner" themed room.....

Lots of Beach blue and white and shell and lighthouse decor......

Beach themed rooms are so easy because decorations are everywhere with the white and blue color scheme! 

The blue and white "Star" quilt I purchased at a quilt shop.....

We repainted all the baseboards in the room too.  It looks really nice in there now. 
You can't even see it but behind this mirror is the repaired hole in the wall you can see in the first pic.

 Here's a good picture of the new wood flooring in the Mariner bedroom. And you can see the paint color contrast between the light ice blue and the marine blue walls.
My hubs did this wood flooring.  It is a vast improvement on the carpeting we had . 

 Anyway....after patching up all the walls with some wallboard and then plaster, (my hubs is quite the handyman stud!), we painted one wall a darker marine blue, and the other 3 walls and closet a pale ice blue.
 Then I started looking for "MARINER" themed decorations all over the place.  They are easy to find.

Here's the bookcase and the dark blue wall decor......I found lots of lighthouses......So pretty!   

 I got this really neato lighthouse decoration at Christmas time at Target.  It is one of those things that has color changing lights.  The top of the lighthouse actually works and spins and changes colors. It is the neatest thing ever if you see it at night!
I made this magnet board and my idea is to collect postcards from all the beaches I travel to.......
and attach them with these shell magnets I made with shells glued to circle magnets with hot glue. 

I know this is a dumb picture in here....I gotta find something that fits.....But I love this sailboat frame.....

We got this light up dolphin night light to add some blue ambiance to the room at night....

One of my kids got this giant stuffed fish at a carnival I think....but it works in the room ! 

Lighthouse and sailboat tapestry.....I sent away for this too, from a catalog....It's pretty in person....

I made a silk flower arrangement in blue and white in a "shell" designed, ceramic planter container.

I loved the lighthouse collection on these plates....can't remember where I found them....but it looks good on a skinny wall to the side of the bed....

I got this "Beach House" frame at Bed, Bath and Beyond....I always find stuff there....

This is a Martha Stewart summer chair I got at Kmart for $45.00.  I love how wicker really goes well with a beach theme.....

My super tiny, lighthouse tea set that is maybe useful for Tinkerbell!  Way tiny that thing......I succumbed to some fancy advertising....I hate when that happens. 

Here's the table and chair and the new, white, faux wood mini blind....notice the light blue paint? So pretty! 

 The lamp I found at Pier 1 Imports for....get this.....ten bucks!  Yeah!  I love a deal!  I called all over to the surrounding cities at all the Pier 1 stores to find a match....but they were all gone.  It is really beautiful up close. The top has a sand dollar finial on it.   It's really pretty. 
I loved this beachy tray I found at Micheals.... 
 This little lighthouse "tea set" I got from a catalog, thinking it would be, you know, a real little tea set, not one for Thumbelina!!  My husband laughed at it when it came in the mail in its tiny packaging. I guess I should look at the measurements of things in the future.
 I have a collection of shells from living near the Pacific Ocean most of my life.  We spent every summer hanging out at the beach as a kid, a teenager, and as a young mother.  My kids love the beach. We have many happy memories spending time in Redondo, Torrance, Huntington and Seal Beaches.
So I guess the BEACH theme and all the shells and lighthouses have been a lot of fun for me. It brings back so many happy memories and times.  I'm a California beach girl at heart.

A set of shell pictures from T. J. Maxx  my favorite store!!!
Wall collage of beachy pictures....and a tiny, old crate I painted white and added shells and candles....

Just outside the window is the backyard patio and a jacuzzi.....our next project is to push out this window and make it
a glass doorway so we can get to our jacuzzi when it snows.....without freezing our little xxxx's off! 

Cute little nautical box I found at T.J. Maxx

My magnet board....I have 1 post card so far....Salt Lake...all my postcards will be from trips...that's the goal....

Lighthouse decor is popular now too....I found lots of lighthouse pictures at
Bed, Bath and Beyond....and used a 20% off coupon too!   

The Beachy Bedroom decor is a great guest room too! 

Here's the patio decor right outside the window....hope by next summer we will have the glass french door
put in replacing the window....it just will be so much easier than walking down in the snow (or climbing out through the window! We've actually done that on a particularly snowy day!

Hope you enjoyed my Mariner Room.... I sure love it....

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