Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cute Dance Recitals

Okay this was the funniest dance recital. We went to the girls' recitals a few days before Christmas. This Surfin' Santa is hilarious. It seems like they are just having a great time in front of a huge auditorium full of people and they just couldn't care less.  So cute.  She's just smiling at everything, even when the girl to her left loses her hair bows. They were all more interested in the hair bow than the dance number.

Surfin Santa might have been my favorite dance.....so funny!
Don't ya love it?  Cute little tutus...

Cutest Dancer in the bunch! 

Or maybe it was this one....I can't decide! 

Dancing Queens....

Glittered Hair and  cute tutu!

Then next group came out and it seemed like nobody knew this  dance either....except my granddaughter. She had that baby down!  We really enjoyed taking pictures of their cute outfits too. Glitter was in every body's hair and all these little kids were getting rose bouquets from their relatives. So funny! They were the superstars of the night.

                                              dancing to "Christmas is for Children"

I loved it all! What fun a holiday dance recital can be. We enjoyed everybody else's kids too and the fun of watching things going a little haywire as well as watching some true talent in bloom.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cute Christmas Wrap Ideas

I'm heavy into the wrapping up of presents this week.  I came across a few ideas that I liked for keeping it all in a theme.  How about using thread for ribbon and attaching adornments? How cute is that? They just used plain colored papers too. Sometimes that is the most striking! Black and red paper! 

From Design Sponge HERE.
This cute wrapping idea is from Older and Wiser blogspot.  LOVE IT!  
My daughter-in-law stamped everybody's name on their gifts and then added an
ornament for embellishment....these are just wrapped in brown paper!  Cute!  

Labels from My Sweet Prints
This is a cute idea for package labels I found and you can download and print them off free! 

I love this idea using some old music paper and gold ribbon with jingle bells! I have TONS of old music books....maybe next year I'll do a music paper theme with different colors of ribbons....

Cute Kid Wraps from Martha Stewart.

Anyone who is a teacher will love this gift wrapping idea.  I love the hand printed capital letters on paper with different colors of marker. Kids would LOVE to decorate paper with their own printing. Great Idea! 

mishmashmake.com and Christmas Labels by Paperjack, Etsy

I've always loved Red and White. My wedding 
colors were red and white. You can't go wrong here
 using just dots and checks with different
 kinds of ribbons.....

Doilies on brown or red paper is cute too!  From Knicky Knack
   Here are my boring packages. I got coordinating paper from Costco and wrapped everything up
in one of these 3 styles of paper adding embellishments to a few.

Just red and white and green foil papers with candy cane embellishments....

Easy and cute I say....Love love love Costco!  

 Happy Wrapping! 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Handprint Ornaments

Christmas Handprint Ornament
We had fun making our parent gifts this week. Here was one we did last year. But since I had the same class this year (moved up to 2nd grade) I couldn't do that again. So we made little red sleighs out of popsicle sticks this year. Here is last year's post.

 We made white acrylic handprints on blue glass ball ornaments. The white handprints turn out to look like 5 little fat snowmen for the kids to then decorate with "painty" markers. Here is a sample that we just did today. Here are the steps....

Handprint Snowmen Ornaments

1. Start with blue glass ornaments (any shade) and have your child paint his own hand white with acrylic paint
   (I usually go over it once with a paintbrush. Then set the ornament in their hand and they press lightly.
2. Fill in the missing parts of the hand with a small paintbrush. Let dry 15 minutes or so. Wash hands.

3. Adults use a  BLACK paint marker and put 2 dot eyes and 4-5 dots for smile on each snowman. and put  2 "twig" arms on either side using BROWN, and a triange shaped carrot nose in ORANGE.

Cute Handprint Snowmen Ornaments
4. Give students markers to make button dots down the front of snowman, a scarf around his neck kind of flying out in the wind, and some kind of hat. Kids can choose black tophat or red, green, blue or yellow Santa hat using a triangle shape with a white ball on the tip top.

5. Adult write child's name in white painty marker and year somewhere at top of scene when it is dry.

6. Add a blue or silver ribbon and this poem on cute blue paper with a hole punched in a corner.  Wrap it up with tissue paper and ribbons or do what I do and use brown paper bags with a handmade reindeer on top.

Snowmen Ornament Tags
The kids love to do this craft and it always turns out so cute. Parents have come back and told me it was the cutest ornament they've ever had.

Snowmen Handprint Ornaments

The kids in my class then get a lesson in "giftwrapping" and we use school tissue paper and yarn and wrap these darling ornaments up for mom, topped of course by a wonderful handmade card.

Handprint Santa Card

 This year I had the kids do a handprint card which turns out to look like Santa Claus.  I paint their palm in peach paint and red and the fingers in white. Then when it dries I have them use their pointer finger and make white dots on the peach for the mustache and pom pom dots on the red hat and along the bottom of the hat too.  Then we use glitter glue for eyes and nose (I do this after school and add a few glitter stars around the card) and we attach the "All We Want for Christmas" to the front.

Kids' cards to parents....

Then I give kids different types of cute stationery to write on and we go through the whole writing process doing a brainstorm of ideas on the board,

 "sloppy copy" on newsprint, and then I edit for spelling and we rewrite on the nice colored paper. Here's what they look like all done.  Very fun writing activity with a little art sprinkled in!  Hope mom's love this!
Christmas Bulletin Board....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Last night we had a family dinner of lasagna and salad and hot, crescent rolls and candied carrots. It was a lot of fun. Then we had everybody bring their favorite sugar cookies and I had gingerbread men and all the candies and frosting. We had a cookie decorating party!
Christmas Sugar cookie decorating candies...I like putting in these plastic chip and dip holders from the dollar store.
  The little girls had fun decorating cookies and I think even the guys got into it a little bit. We had fun watching Megan dump a whole shaker of sugar on one of her cookies and Bruce, our doggie walk around constantly catching bits of sugar crystals or tiny candies. I was stuffed by the end of the night having no self control when it comes to cookies.

My Nutcracker collection....
I got some cute Christmas shirts for my 3 little girls....
So they had to pose for pictures...that got boring real fast! 
My son in his new helmet...he looks so special....
My grandbaby and her mom.... all smiles....
My daughter and her hubs

We ate a lasagna and salad and rolls  for dinner...then we decorated sugar cookies...before dessert...I think we did a fun dessert bar too! Boy we were loaded with sugar by end of the night! EEK! 
There was a lot of candy to choose from....
They were all gettin' into decorating our Christmas Cookies....
Are those "body parts" on your creation Devin? hmmmm......
Yum yum grandma! 
Josie liked watching and picking up candies....
Meg liked shaking the sugars all over her Christmas cookies!  
Doesn't she look like she's up to something?  
The girls got into it first....
Everybody was decorating after awhile....
I loved this shot....Meg loves her uncle Dev....
Can we eat one of them yet, PLEASE? 
These Sugar Cookies were loaded! 
See the sugar man? Some were a lot worse...one got a whole bottle of sugar dumped on him! Eek! 
Our Christmas Sugar Cookie creations! 
It was a sweet time. 


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