Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bedroom Remodeling (mountain theme)

After Devin got married to Caitlin last August, they moved into a condo down at Brigham Young University while Devin finishes up his masters in Information Systems. So we decided his room needed a remodel. I like the western/mountain theme so I found a few items to use as inspiration.

The first was this cute brown and red corduroy material quilt from one of my fav stores Target (tarjay). I loved the red little camping lamp (to the left of the bed) that was sold with it so I bought the 2 pieces to start the room.

Loved this little mirror on the bookcase embossed with fir tree leaves....my
granddaughters love all the Teddy Bears around the room....

Woolrich® Bear Scene...
Target had a brown dust ruffle but I got a red one instead
I love the color red for accessories...it's my favorite color!

 Then we decided to repaint with a two tone light brown and tan. Both were Glidden colors from Home Depot. I really liked the tan/yellowish "wheat" color on top of the chair rail, and decided to also paint my family room/den with the same color.

I made a little plant with an old red glass jug...don't you love the old milk bottles?
 I'm trying to think of a saying to putunderneath this oak shelf in vinyl...Real cowboys..da da dee da....

 I had a little left over so I primed my front door to see what it would look like in one of the tan shades. I think I'll do a deeper brown color to the door...but maybe a dark red?

I don't love the door. I think maybe a  red/rust color instead....
Yeah!   MUCH better!  (another sidetracked project......sheesh!)

Here's the red "camp lantern" lamp I got from Target....I loved the western "saddle" picture frame and
iron and wood table I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. 

Here's the finished paint job and new wood flooring....we got wooden mini blinds on the window too.  My husband put in oak laminate snap in flooring  from Costco. It was  easy and we saved $8.00 per box! 

Then I went over all the mouldings in the room and repainted them white, including the closet and doors. That is THE MOST BORING JOB ON THE PLANET!!! Luckily I had some good tunes on the boom box CD to get me through. Have you heard of the Band Perry? I love those guys. They do country and crossover. Check them out.

We got this "moose" lamp on clearance at Lowes...best place for lighting IN MY OPINION! I think it was $15 bucks...
I'm waiting for the companion wall lamp that has "moose" with rusty metal to go on sale....it's still $70 bucks!

And finally these tan and brown curtains added a nice look to the window....I got them at T.J. Max
 This room used to have off white carpet and so we redid the floors in a medium oak wood and I got a cute rug in red and brown colors to match the tones of the room.

I got the set of 3 colored baskets at Joannes. I love that place!

I found a cool set of 3 nesting baskets that were line with fabric. I thought that they would be great for my accent colors.  They look great on the old wooden armoire. I filled it up with old sweaters and blankets.

I just LOVE all the dust on this rocking chair  circa 1980s... I remember rocking all my kids in it!
I filled an old basket with red and white silk geraniums... I kill regular plants really quickly!

 I like how the room turned out.  It was fun to do a "mountain man" room. And my granddaughters LOVE to sleep in there when they come to visit. There is a collection of teddy bears all around the room to go with the "bear" quilt. We also keep a "porta crib" in there for overnighters.
Headboard idea....should I do wood doors....or should I do fabric headboard?  

The last thing I need to do in here is make a headboard.  I'm waffling between 2 ideas; a brown or red painted headboard made out of these 4 old doors I have sitting in the garage. I would sand and glaze them to make them look aged a bit.... OR...

The other option is a red or brown corduroy fabric headboard with nail head tacks pounded all over the edging. I'm leaning toward the fabric headboard. I bought the dark brown metal pounded tacks already.  Which do you think would look better?

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