Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Decorating

But THIS is THE BEST idea!. My grandkiddos would LOVE this red and blue ring pop for a 4th of July party favor.  I've gotta do this! The idea was originally from THIS WEBSITE HERE.

I always have fun decorating my house for 4th of July.  I didn't go overboard this time either! I've only got 1 box full of decorations and I hope to keep it that way. (gotta stay out of Hobby Lobby this month!) (OOPS, too late!).

I have 2 sets of patriotic placemats. I like these the best...they go cute with the table runner....
I bought this patriotic quilt and pillow at Kohls one year on clearance...check out my favorite store!
 Isn't this the cutest Ice Cream Sandwich treat  you've ever seen? And how EASY! Check out Spoonful.com

Here were my 4th of July cupcakes....the frosting was 1 c.marshmallow creme, 1 c. cool whip, 1 small brick cream cheese....yummy!
My doggie keeps trying to bite the leg off my Uncle Sam...naughty Brucifer!
This looks EASY but CUTE! I'm going to try it! This one is HERE at Cooking with Sugar. It would look cute with some little flags or cupcake pics of some sort coming out of the top wouldn't it? I have some small red star candles that would be cute! Maybe a sparkler? 

I got these off pinterest. They look really easy if you have a cricut machine for the lettering!

We got the Statue of Liberty in N.Y.C. when our family took a D.C. trip to the East Coast trip one year.....It was fun to
see the war reenactments in Philadelphia, and we saw the liberty bell there.
DON"T go there in August....it was so hot! Yuck!

My front entry table....I need a hat for my little Lady Liberty....This pic is of my nephew Garrett in the U.S. Army...
I used to babysit that guy when he was just a newborn baby! 

Decorate the table
These looked really easy so I thought I'd try them too! They are from LOTS of cute ideas at All You.
I love putting candy in seasonal colors around my house....only problem is my 2 1/2 year old granddaugter eats it all in one gobble!

Patriotic Decor
Front Yard has to look all American too! My uncle Sam windsock is out there somewhere....OH and I painted my door RED! It looks a lot better now.
Here is an American Eagle we did one year in my classroom as a Patriotic Craft. That would be fun to do with the grandkids on the 4th of July. ALL kids LOVE glitter and paint.

Here's a close up of the front door wreath I cut out and painted the little flag holding Patriotic BEAR like 20 years ago! Yeah, I'm pretty PATRIOTIC! 
Johnny and me went up to Bear Lake and rode our quads over the 3 day weekend!
The aqua blue water is really amazing...and the view!

It's beautiful on the trails on top of the hills...you can see the whole world...and that BLUE WATER!!!

We saw a giant moose coming up our trail so we turned around and went the other way! Shoo Moose!  

Gotta stop and get a raspberry shake of course!  Hey, I am in red, white and blue! Didn't even PLAN that!

If ya can't decorate....at least sprinkle some flags somewhere around your house!  I'm proud to be American.  Happy 4th!

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