Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Trip to Zions, Tuacahn and Lake Powell

I am finally ready to sit down and post some of our fun times on our Summer vacation to St. George to see Grease at Tuacahn and other travels.  We had fun spending some time in the car on our "ROAD TRIP".
When we first got to St. George we went to visit my fav spot, T.J.Maxx Superstore! John got the car gassed up. Then we went out to dinner, and came back and swam in our hotel pool. We got there pretty early.

John and I being geeks....he looks a little mental in this one!
I got the tickets like in January for 30% off...I'm always lookin for a deal...

This is a beautiful waterfall that runs the whole length of the Tuacahn parking lot...It runs downhill and it's always fun to walk along it as we get up to the top of the hill where the amphitheater is.

You can see why I love this venue so much...

We got there so early so John's enjoying the rest...he's not shaving all week either! Hey it's a vacation isn't it?

The orchestra pit was just to the left of us...hi guys!

!The next day we got up and had breakfast and then went to go see Snow Canyon, which is very close to Tuacahn, only like10 minutes drive! It is a state park so it's only like 6 bucks to get in. It is so beautiful!

There was lot of shifting rock hills...I thought this was a cool area!
Off in the distrance of our like 20 minute hike....

We saw lots of lizards on the hike we took....

You can barely see some guys rock climbing behind us here on this sheer face of rock! Very cool! But I'd never do it...

Hi Johnny!

It was so peaceful to sit up on the tops of volcanic rock and enjoy the serenity!
Well that was the first part of our trip. We got in the car and headed down to Kanab and Zions National Park. Last year we tried to get in and they wouldn't let us drive our car in. Something about it being too packed that day! Can you imagine!  We sure had fun in St. George...Now on to Zions...I'll post more pics soon.....

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