Friday, June 17, 2011

Great Summer Foodie Websites

This summer I am trying to eat healthier and take off some of these awful pounds I've accumulated. I found a few really interesting websites to help me in food selection.  Some of them rate drinks, juices, fast food things that are new and hyped up. I like that.

I am one to get sucked into hype when it comes to food and snacks. So I've decided to rid my house of junkfood and try to eat more whole foods, fruits, veggies and healthy snacks. It is amazing what I used to eat and not even think about the calories I was consuming. I'm late to the game I guess. Maybe I never got invited to the party....hehe....

Here is a groovy list I got from SNACK GIRL, my new fav blog. She has a PhD so I think I can trust her.
The link to her website is HERE. She has this yummo and amazing sounding onion soup dip mix to eat with ruffles chips. (my personal downfall). I went to a wedding recently where they had a similar low cal ingredient for dip. It was this Greek plain yogurt in lieu of sour cream. It was mixed at the wedding with some dill weed and some tiny bits of cucumber. It was fantastic on veggies. So try it and try this blog. It's a keeper.

Healthy Food Blogs           

A Loser For Life
Andrea's Wellness Notes
Bran Appetit!
Camp Shane
Eating Bird Food
Feast On The Cheap
Feed Me I'm Cranky
Food For Laughter
Gina's Skinny Recipes
Jrnl of a Junk Food Addict
Kath Eats
Leftovers For Lunch
Lick The Bowl Good

Losing Weight and Getting Fit
The Peanut Butter Boy
Slim Shoppin'
Steph Chows
Striving for Thriving
The Cuisinerd
The Hungry Wife

The Salad Girl
This Mama Cooks!
The Wellness Bitch

I mean how FUNNY is Peanut Butter Boy? That's guy's just GOT to have a sense of humor! And how about STEPH CHOWS? Anybody who can think up that blog title has to be funny! I can't wait to get pickled in the juices of these entertaining and informative blogs. 

No this is not me on the scales...I haven't weighed in the 120s since high school!

I've lost 6 pounds already with NO EXCERCISING! Maybe that will come later.....when I actually get inspired to do more than some gardening or walking around the mall shopping.  My goal is to lose 30 pounds by the end of August for a reunion. So I think I'm on my way.

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