Thursday, February 3, 2011

Making Valentine Cookies

On Saturday my 2 little granddaugters came over and we decided to make some Valentine treats. My little Marisa Belle LOVES to bake. So I had found this cute pan made by Wilton. I thought it might be fun to do some sugar cookies this way. So we mixed up some cookie dough and tried it out.

The girls...I LOVE them!

Marisa, my daughter Tiff, and Megan

Marisa liked actually dumping all the ingredients in herself, so I did the measuring......she did the dumping....and the mixmaster did the rest!

This is one of my fav appliances...does all the work for me!

We also made some with the Valentine Cookie cutters

You guys just keep bakin em and I'll keep eatin em!
Here's little 2 year old Megan getting in on the action. She just liked eating the dough, the candies, and the finished cookies. She is not looking like a future Betty Crocker.  But you never know for sure......

Mmmmmmmm GOOD!

The cute Wilton pan....

I read the directions afterwards....fill 3/4 full......OOPS! No wonder they were so puffy!
 I had these cute little sprinkles I had bought at Hobby Lobby along with the Wilton pan. Then I saw some even CUTER ones at Roberts Crafts.  These flat heart sprinkles will be so much fun!

I loved the flat heart sprinkles...so cute!

I'm really good at this grandma!
 We made up some pink icing and decorated the cookies. They really ballooned up like puff balls. I think I needed to use less batter.....sometimes don't ya just think.....MORE is BETTER?   I get carried away with that.  :)

Here they are enjoying their cookies.  I think I liked just the rolled out ones we made better.  Oh well, you never know until you try something new!  I wonder what Martha Stewart would say about these molded cookie pans......I should have asked the expert.  Sigh.....or maybe I should have just followed the directions. :)

Can I take all these home? Please?

Just gimme the candy on top...that's all I really want....
 Oh well.  It's the fun memories I'm making that count the most anyway.  I think the girls loved our finished products.  Yum!

And I made it all by myself!

Megan on her chair....kimme a kiss cutie!

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